End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you took your apartment on rent, it was all clean and beautiful. Obviously, you had all the right to get yourself (and family) a clean, safe and hygienic place to live in. I am sure you will agree that it is a tenant’s duty to maintain the same level of hygiene and cleanliness during your tenancy.

So, are you moving out anytime soon?

Besides the moral duty, if you remember, your Rental Contract has a clause that as a tenant, you need to restore the property to its original condition;and Boom! All painting, polishing, cleaning, vacuuming etc.are now about to enter your world – popularly known as End of Tenancy cleaning.If your property is small or you have ample time and resources, you can do it yourself. However, for several people, it is cumbersome and almost next to impossible.

Thankfully, you now have an option which can help you a lot in saving time and energy –– “End of Tenancy cleaning service”. It is a unique service offered to both outgoing tenants and landlord/property owners. Today, you can simply outsource it to trained professionals who will help you with a cost effective solution

Who needs – End of Tenancy Cleaning Service and Why?

A landlord always looks forward to restore his/her property to itsoriginal condition to prepare the property for the new tenants. Being a property owner, you may not be interested in leaving it to tenants for obvious reason. Deep cleaning of your assets and infrastructure not only helps you in getting new tenants quickly, but also better rentals.

Similarly as a tenant, you may have to get the property cleaned and restored to the original condition as per your contract.Nowadays it is hard to get back rental deposits backif the property is not in good shape.

Should you do – “End of Tenancy Cleaning” Yourself?

Well, that entirely depends upon your comfort, time at-hand and availability of specialised equipment required for deep cleaning

Even if you do it yourself, you still might not get that desired result and that level of perfection. Ensure you do notdamage it any further in your quest for cleanliness 

Professional “End of Tenancy cleaning” agents are quick, reliable and deliver the desired results. Additionally, with more players entering the market, the service itself is cost effective and fits well in your budget.

We therefore recommend you to get quotations from the renowned vendors, compare it, and negotiateto save your time and effort.

In what scenarios you should Not do – “EOT Cleaning” Yourself?

Although you are all free to do cleaning yourself, still we recommend you to take professional help in following scenarios:

  • If it is more than cleaning, like paintings etc., for which you need expertise and equipment
  • You are allergic to dust and materials used in cleaning
  • You have never cleaned it before or not very good at it
  • When your apartment is big for you to clean it alone
  • Lack of time is another factor.
  • Deposit amount is high and at stake.

What determines the pricing of “End of Tenancy Service?”

Now that you have decided to hire the professional consulting firm for “End of Tenancy cleaning”, the Next question that will come to your mind will be about its pricing.

Therefore, without any doubt, following factors have implication on the overall costing:-

  • Current Condition of the property –It will surely cost you less if you have maintained the property well and vice versa.
  • Area of your property– Obviously, a bigger property will cost more. Bigger the size, higher the cost. In addition, total number of rooms, kitchens,etc. will have an impact on cost.
  • Number of Items – Number of electrical and electronic items, carpets, curtains and upholstery matter. Every item requires special care, and hence, charged separately.

What Does an “End of Tenancy Service” Include?

Now, you are aware about the factors that determine and affect your overall costing, let usdiscuss the list of inclusions that will help you taking the final quote.

Depending upon the package you have chosen, the “End of Tenancy service” will include following services –

  • Dusting of property
  • Removal of cobwebs from walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of doors and windows
  • Polishing of wooden furniture.
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Vacuum services
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning of electronic items like microwave, refrigerator, etc.
  • Cleaning of light fittings, sockets and switches
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning

How to Choose a Good “End of Tenancy” Service provider–

You being a landlord or a tenant, should always be careful while choosing a vendor since the services are important for you to rent it again or get your deposit back

Better, be careful so that you do not have to regret later.

If you do not know anyone personally or through some reference, following points, you must consider before finalising the vendor –

  • Read out the website of the vendor
  • Check the pricing policy; it should be itemised and transparent. Also, check if there is any hidden clause that might cost you at the end of service
  • Check the reviews on social media. Overall, social media presence and reviews tells you a lot about the vendor.
  • Press coverage if any
  • Number of years in business

All these factors are important for you to decide and select a renowned vendor.

Post Cleaning Checklist–

  • Read out your contract well for all Conditions. Consider Inventor checklist as a guiding principle.
  • Walls – Check if the walls are properly cleaned or consider repainting.
  • Check Doors – handles, colour, and locks etc. are working properly or not.
  • Windows – Both Interior and exterior
  • Check all Bathroom Taps and Toilet Seats, and if they are cleaned well and are stainless.
  • Furniture, fixtures and lighting should be cleaned or polished well as per your contract.
  • Mirrors – Check all Mirrors in your apartment, you can easily rub and clean them, as required.
  • Check Kitchen – Sink, walls, Modular items, Taps etc. are properly cleaned
  • Carpetsand Curtainsetc. are drycleaned or vacuumed properly.
  • Do check each room for wardrobes, walls and lighting, furniture etc. as per the plan.
  • When you are ready to move out finally, ensure that your floor/carpet is nicely cleaned (when the cleaning service provider is moving out).

Facts related to EOT Cleaning–

Some facts you should know about EOT or End of Tenancy cleaning services –

  • Tenants are responsible for proper cleaning and upkeep of the property, and can be held responsible for rise of any disease etc. due to lack of hygiene.
  • You should always plan your end of tenancy service well in advance,as last minute rush could put you in unnecessary trouble
  • EOT cleaning is important and a must clause for getting your deposit back. Your exit can be a problematic and can result in dispute if this is not taken care.
  • Deep Cleaning takes considerable time. However, in most cases, you get to know this when you start doing it. Therefore, if you still want to do it yourself, you should plan it properly and set aside sufficient time and arrange necessary equipment to carry it out
  • Note that your Landlord can demand the pre-decided level cleanliness and hygiene as per the contract. However, he cannot force you to use the services of any particular vendor.
  • There are vendors who can clean your house even if you are not there or in your absence.
  • Check In Inventory you should always consider at the time of cleaning. This will also act as a benchmark if the service you have used has actually served its purpose or not. Property owner will always go by the Inventory list and clauses you have accepted initially. Make sure they are taken care.

Final Word

We all want to move in a perfectly cleaned house and in hygienic condition. Similarly, we should also focus on leaving it all clean and safe for other tenants to live.

Each of us are short of time and even if we have it, we like to use it in productive tasks or for personal recreation. Thus, it is better to outsource certain tasks like End of Tenancy Cleaning that require skilled professionals to get perfection along with time saving.


EOT cleaning is difficult to carry out without proper equipment and work forceand hence most people cannot do it themselves. Nevertheless, on a brighter side, we have highly skilled professional EOT cleaning service providers to get our cleaning tasks done in no time without our involvement. This further ensures the swift clearance of Landlord’s Inspection and refund of security deposit.

While you are free to select any vendor, we highly recommend you to opt for a professional EOT cleaning company.

In any Professional company, look for the factors like its brand, website, service, pricing transparency and other conditions mentioned above.

Make sure the checklist with initial inventory list is ready to ensure every single task as per your rental contract is all okay as per the contract.

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