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Our professional domestic cleaning company, has a rule, that no job is finished until the customer is satisfied.

Are you worried about how you will clean your dirty BBQ or oven?

Here at Best Cleaners Surrey, we understand the requirements of having a clean oven. Having an oven that’s not cleaned thoroughly can cause food to taste funny, which isn’t right. If you’ve spent the time and effort to prepare a meal, you’ll want to make sure that it tastes great!

In a worst-case situation, built-up grease can collect at the bottom of your oven, which can become flammable. As your oven gets hot, you’ll want to make sure that it’s safe for use and there’s no fire risk, which is what we aim to do.

Oven and Barbecue Cleaning
Oven and Barbecue Cleaning

We want to make your oven as clean as possible. We’ve created a specialist cleaning service that aims to not only restore your oven to its former glory but also to tackle the danger of grease build-up and help to keep your oven and you safe.

  • We clean your oven and BBQs in both commercial and residential premises.
  • We can offer this cleaning service as a one off cleaning experience or on a regular basis, according to your preferences.
  • Our focus is to offer you a professional grade oven and BBQ cleaning service.

Our cleaning methods come with a range of benefits.

Our team of experts know the best methods to make sure that your oven sparkles like the day you first bought it. It’s not an easy task to cut through grease and built-up grime, but we’ve cracked the code, and we know just how to cut it out and get your oven looking brand new. 

We only use safe and certified eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning products. It’s essential to make sure that any chemicals that are used are proven to be safe, especially in something as crucial as an oven, so we make sure that any chemicals we use are proven to be safe and effective on grime.  

If you have a fan oven, there is the chance that the fan can break, leaving you with a costly repair. The leading cause of fans breaking within an oven is they get clogged up with grease as time goes on, which eventually can lead to the fan being unable to work and causing it to break.

Easy Home Tips On Oven Cleaning
Easy Home Tips On Oven Cleaning

A good, thorough clean helps to remove this grease and keep your oven in working order for much longer ensuring the fan continues to work correctly. We’ll help to ensure that there is no risk of grease causing any problems within your oven, as we’ve designed our cleaning methods to tackle grease directly and ensure there’s nothing left behind once we’re finished.

We’re here to help you get the best out of your oven. 

When we clean your oven, we aim to leave a long-lasting impression in both cleanliness and efficiency. Some other things you’ll experience are: 

  1. · Longer life span on your oven
  2. · Impress your friends with how clean your oven looks
  3. · Ensure your oven is more energy efficient.

Because your oven can work freely without having to contest with any grease, the fan in your oven will use less energy when it’s on. If you use your oven several times a week, this can all add up and help save you lots of money in your energy bill in the future, which is an excellent investment! 

We all know that great feeling when a friend or family member notices a change you’ve made to your home. We take extra care not only to clean your oven but to make it look like the day it was bought and help it to look like new. Our rigorous cleaning methods don’t go unnoticed, and we’re sure your friends and family will notice them too! 

A clean oven is a safe oven. 

While cooking your food, your oven can reach temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. Should something be flammable, this temperature is more than hot enough to help it ignite. Grease is a commonly found substance in ovens, and many people don’t realise that it can become flammable as it gets hot.  

If the grease were to ignite, it could mean the end of your oven and could even spread to other areas of your home, which can cause substantial damage and danger to you or others in the property. 

 Before the service and to help prevent grease igniting our cleaning methods include a very rigorous approach to grease and we ensure that there are no traces of any grease left behind, eliminating any risk of a fire occurring within your oven. The chemicals that we use are safe to be used within an oven to ensure that your oven is not at risk of catching fire. 

 We are advocates for safety, so our team has full extensive training to ensure that they use the equipment and tools for their proper purposes. When done correctly, an oven clean can help to extend the life of your oven while making it clean and sparkly and safe, which is what our team is trained to do. 

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Your BBQ and oven appliance is vital to your lifestyle. Lazy weekends are spent around the kitchen with your friends and family. That’s why we understand you like your pride and joy cleaned professionally, along with utmost attention to detail.

Our professional and dependable team of oven and BBQ cleaners are embracing a no-fuss, no mess and no bother rule.

You can rest assured that you will get only a safe, fume-free and hygienic home cleaning service, while our knowledgeable cleaners handle all the fat and grease on your kitchen appliances.

A professional deep oven or BBQ clean, which will leave your oven or BBQ in top condition.

We’re experts in the oven cleaning business. 

Your oven is made up of different components, and there are a lot of things that need to be considered to ensure that it’s cleaned through thoroughly while using the right equipment. 

Our team has the right knowledge as well as cutting edge tools to help give you oven the deep cleans. We take extra care to ensure that your oven is cleaned the right way, taking extra care to clean the different components differently. We know the glass on the front of the oven will need cleaning separately to the inside of your oven. We’ve got the tools for any removable parts and the to clean any problematic parts. 

 We’ve worked with many homes and businesses to create a bespoke oven cleaning service. We have many happy customers who are pleased with the results that we’ve brought to their oven, and we’d love for you to experience the same! 



Can you undertake commercial oven cleaning?

Our professional oven cleaning service can clean all types of oven be it commercial oven cleaning or domestic oven cleaning.

Do we need to be there while you do our oven cleaning?

As long as access is provided there no reason you must wait around while we complete you oven cleaning or BBQ cleaning.

From the date we inquire how long will it take until you attend our property?

In most cases we can attend within a week of first inquiry.

Can you travel to our area?

Our professional oven cleaning covers the whole of Surrey and South West London.

Will My Oven Be Safe Afterwards?

Yes, absolutely. We ensure that your oven is clean and safe. We only use chemicals that are certified and tested to make sure they are safe to be used within your oven.
We take extra care to remove any grease build-up from your oven. Grease build-up is one of the most common reasons that ovens can catch fire and unfortunately, once the grease catches alight, there isn’t much that can be done to stop it from burning. Ovens are built to contain fires, but there is always the risk that it can spread.
We want to help you to keep your home safe; therefore, our oven cleaning method is specially designed to tackle grease and ensure that your oven is safe.

Do I Need To Do Anything in Advance?

The only thing we’ll need from you is to ensure that the oven is turned off and is cold by the time we get there. If the oven is hot then we’ll not be able to clean until it’s cold again, so please avoid using your oven on the day we’re coming to clean it!

Will You Bring The Right Equipment?

Yes, we always bring the equipment with us to clean your oven. We only use the market-leading kitchen cleaning equipment to ensure that your oven is clean and safe; therefore, we make sure to use trusted tools to get the job done.

Are You Experienced?

Here at Call Best Cleaners Surrey, we’ve got years of experience cleaning a wide range of kitchen appliances under our belt. Our team has been trained and fully understands the methods and the requirements for kitchen and cleaning all types of oven cleaning, so you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands.

How Do I Get A Quotation?

We’d love to learn more about what you’re looking to achieve. Whether you’re looking to get your oven at home cleaned and looking good, or you’re after a commercial eco-friendly oven cleaner, we’d love to help.
We’ll be able to get an accurate quote once we know more about your needs, so feel free to get in touch, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

BBQ & Oven Cleaning Services

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