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End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide



End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide


End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

If you’re a landlord there’s a lot of worries and concerns you may have, and this is
common amongst landlords. One of the main ones is the concern that a tenant is leaving
your property in a mess, and not just leaving a few crumbs on the side. There’s deep
stains in your carpet that will be difficult to remove, things like this which is a common
worry amongst landlords. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this.

Fortunately tenants who are moving out of your property are moving into another one
that’s more suited to their current situation, so it’s important to them that they keep your
property in good shape. They’ll need a reference in most instances from a previous
landlord, so making sure they get a good word from you is something they need and if
they’ve left your property in a bad state then they can usually expect an honest letter of
recommendation detailing this.

Despite this, when your tenants move out you may find that the property has become used
to them being there and there’s areas of the house that need a good scrub before the next
guests come and move in. This is where end of tenancy cleaning, or tenant cleaning
services come into play. Companies specialise in cleaning may offer this service to help
you to rid any hidden dust or dirt to help your new tenants settle into your property as
easily as possible.

How Can I Find a Tenancy Cleaning Service?

There’s a few ways of finding companies that will offer this to you, but it’s important to
capture what it is that you’d like them to come and do. There’s a few different types of
tenancy cleaning that you can expect to find:

Pre Tenancy Cleaning – This involves cleaning a property thoroughly before your expected
tenants move in so it’s clean and hygienic from day one.

Post Tenancy Cleaning – This is also known as a move out cleaning service. When you’ve
had tenants live in a property for a short while, a good spring clean may do the job. If
they’ve been there for much longer then a post tenancy cleaning service may help to get
rid of naturally congregating dust particles in those hidden places, readying the property
for whatever lies ahead next.

Knowing what you’re after can help you to define what sort of service it is that you’d like.
Although the services offer a similar offering, it’s important that you and the company you
work with know what it is that you’re expecting from them and what you’d like them to

Once you’ve established what you’re after there are a number of different things that you
can do to find the company that works best for you.

Finding the Best Company for Your Tenancy Cleaning Services
There are a number of different ways that you can find this information. Below are a few
places to look to help you find what you’re looking for.

Social Media – Companies will often utilise social media to help extend their outreach to
customers. Search on places like Facebook for something like; End of tenancy cleaning in

Surrey; if you’re based in Surrey, or replace this to wherever is suitable to you. This will
help to localise the search results to somewhere more suited to you.

Newspaper Adverts – Buying a local newspaper will contain adverts that are local to you,
which is great. It helps to remove the sifting through many companies around the UK to
find ones closer to home. It also helps to keep your local newspaper alive and supports a
smaller business rather than the big media companies, so you’ll be helping a smaller
company at the same time!

Company Website – Companies often have websites online, it’s just a matter of finding
them. Generalised searches such as cleaning company will bring up millions of results, so
to help find ones that specialise in tenancy cleaning in your area will need some filtering.
Try searching for tenancy cleaning services in London (using London as an example) to
find a shortened list of the companies that you’re looking for. From here take a look
through their website and what they offer, if there are any company testimonials or further
information to help to understand the company and if they’re the right choice for you.

Trade Websites – These are relatively new to the world, but they’re proving valuable to
businesses and customers galore. It allows a business to present their services online and
customers to share reviews and information on their experiences with the business
independently, allowing other potential future customers to see this information and help
guide if they’ll want to use this business. Whether you’re looking for a tenant looking for a
move in cleaning service or a landlord after a post tenant cleaning service, you can be
sure to find businesses this way.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide in Surrey
Within Surrey there are a large range of businesses that offer end of tenancy cleaning
services to help you with your property. Using the above list can help to find the best
company for you, for whatever your needs are. If it’s a red wine stain on a white carpet or
just a good clean around the house, there are a lot of companies available to help you
achieve what you’re looking for. Using the previous methods, there are a number of ways
to find companies that offer end of tenancy cleaning in Surrey.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide in London
London is a large city and being the capital of the UK, this is expected. So because of this
there are a lot of cleaning businesses that will offer tenancy cleaning services, which can
make you feel overwhelmed by which company to go for.

When looking for a business, be sure to think about what you’d like them to achieve at the
end of their services. Talk to businesses and explain this to them, if you’re after a deep
carpet clean or a general spruce up of your property, make sure to share this and the
company will be able to share further details on whether they’re able to do this or not, and
make sure that they have the appropriate equipment for the job.

Move in Cleaning
Move in End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide is great for people from all areas of the property ladder. If you’re looking
to move into your new house which you’ve just bought, or you’re a tenant entering your
new home, or even a landlord who’s just had news of some new tenants moving in, move
in cleaning is a great way to help ensure that you’re getting settled nice and quickly.
Moving house is never an easy experience. On the day it’s a huge rush and takes a lot of
pressure to get everything from place A to place B, so the last thing you’re going to want to

worry about is having to clean the house once you’ve got everything there. You’ll have
rooms full of boxes you’ll want to have unpacked as soon as possible, and once that’s
done you’ll want to have a cup of tea and relax. The last thing on your mind will be to worry
about cleaning the house, which is totally understandable.

Move in End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide help to take all of that away. They’ll clean the entire house from top to
bottom, capturing every area that dust lands to help give you a hassle free moving in
experience. By using a moving in cleaner, you can expect the following:

 All vertical and horizontal surfaces to be cleaned
 Blinds and curtains will be dusted
 Mirrors and cabinets dusted and cleaned

…and more! 

Once you’ve got everything into your new property a moving in cleaner will
come and help give the house a once over and clean away any dust that may have
appeared through the unboxing of your belongings and the moving around of furniture, so
it’ll help you and your family to move into your new property even easier.

Will it Benefit me?
Absolutely! Moving house is an extremely exciting time, but it’s also very strenuous and is
a long day. Having everything moved is a tough job and once that’s done to have to clean
the house over and give everything, all of your belongings and furniture a dust is like the
icing on the cake. This is where the move in cleaners can come into play and take this last
step away from you, taking you one step closer to relaxing in your new home.

What About a Move Out Cleaner?
If you’re looking to move house or perhaps you’re a tenant looking to move onto fresher
pastures, then a move out cleaning service may be something of interest to you. It works
in just the same way as a move in cleaner, except they’ll come and help clean your current

You may be thinking ‘If I’m moving out, why would I worry about cleaning the place?’ and
it’s not a bad question. If you’re a tenant this is a great way to make sure the property is
left in a good state, helping your cause towards ensuring you’ll get back your security
deposit. If you’re moving out of a property you own, it’s a nice touch and is something that
will be well received by the new owners definitely.

The benefit of this also helps to make sure that you’re not cleaning and dusting furniture
once it’s in your new property and it helps to prevent any being brought with you when it
doesn’t need to be. By leaving dusty cabinets, you’ll only bring the dust and any little
critters into your new property, so if you can prevent this it’s definitely going to save you
some cleaning in the future.

Post Tenancy Cleaning
Post tenancy cleaning, also known as tenancy cleaning, helps to clean a property after
tenants have moved out. This means that they’ll come in and clean through your entire
property to help ensure that it’s clean and dusted through fully, giving the vacant property a
feeling of new again.

How to Find a Post Tenancy Cleaning Service
These companies are relatively easy to find, and may require some searching to find the
best one to you. If you look online and use a search engine like Google, you’ll be able to

find companies in your local area. Search examples such as ‘End of tenancy cleaning in
Surrey’ or ‘End of tenancy cleaning in London’ will help to direct your search to your
specified area and avoid companies that are a bit further out of reach.

By doing this you may find that there are a mixture of websites and social media pages
that appear. Companies that don’t have a website often have a page on places like
Facebook to help maintain an online presence. This is what’s good about searching via a
search engine, as it helps to find all options available for you online so you’ll be able to
choose the company that best suits your needs and what you’re looking to achieve.
Once you’ve narrowed down some companies that you’d like explore further, calling them
or emailing them for further information about their services will help to narrow down who
you truly can see yourself working with and who will be able to achieve the results you’re
looking for.

Why is Post Tenancy Cleaning Important?
Once your tenants have moved out of your property by having a company come and clean
the property will help to properly clean it out from head to toe, making it like new for the
next tenants. It helps to prevent any dust or dirt building up over time and helps to keep
your property looking new.

It also means that whenever you have a new tenant in the property, you’ll know that the
property has been cleaned professionally and that there is no dirt inside. Should these
tenants vacate and move onto another property, if there is any dirt or mess left then you
can easily confirm it is them and it’s impossible for them to try and say that the property
was like that when they moved in, proving them to be liable.


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