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As most of us have a busy lifestyle, home cleaning often gets neglected or the housework just piles up for the weekend. A clean and tidy house is the key to happiness and these two are the primary elements in every household that always come together. You cannot have a clean but messy house, similarly, you cannot have a clutter-free house that has not been cleaned in a long time! But between our different activities like work, family time, hanging out with friends and looking after little ones, we tend to forget to do the house cleaning.

However, thanks to the internet and these amazing house cleaning bloggers, we don’t have to worry about a lot of things because they are here to make our lives easier. The house cleaning bloggers gives ideas and inspire us to keep our house tidy and clean in less time and also give tips on time and money management. From DIYs to quick tips and tricks, they have us covered for all aspects of house cleaning. Although house cleaning and tidying up may seem like a simple thing that every household does, it becomes quite tiring and challenging when you have little time. Especially for those with little kids, this job is even harder and takes for them to accomplish small tasks. This is the reason people go to these sites to get ideas on how they can organise themselves and their lives to fit in household chores in their daily routines.

These amazing house cleaning blogging people have spent hours and hours in sharing their personal experiences and family secrets to save a few hours to our regular household chores. Let’s have a look at some of the best home cleaning bloggers who bring us different hacks to help us with house cleaning and even make it an enjoyable experience.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve included the links underneath every blog to help you get onto the site as quickly as possible. Check them out below!

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Nourishing Minimalism

Rachel believes in decluttering and keeping your belongings to necessities. This way you can minimize distraction and keep only what is truly important and necessary. The less you have to manage and ultimately the less you will have to worry about.

Her blogs help mothers to declutter the house and simplify the living, remove unnecessary items and live a simple, happy and clutter-free life! Rachel believes in helping others to achieve their personal best standards of home cleaning by sharing methods and techniques to simplify tedious cleaning and organization tasks and to make the home easier to maintain. (Source)

The Intentional Mom

Maintaining a home is not an easy task in itself, it becomes even more tiresome if you are a working mom. Keeping a clean house along with looking after the children is exhausting and Jennifer understands this very well. She brings to you her hacks and methods that you can use to maintain a clean house while still being able to do everything else. She ‘Intends’ to help you with designing, decluttering, budgeting and organizing daily household things and jobs.

Her tricks bring you a hassle-free and clean house in little time and effort. Budgeting the house with a minimal amount of money is what Jennifer is an expert at and her amazing ideas will surely help you to maintain your household spending within the budget constraint. The housekeeping routine tips are a plus too. (Source)

Embracing Simple

In her blogs, Christina inspires the mothers to organise and declutter with the house and enjoy the simple living lifestyle. Her money-saving hacks and maintain a house along with a balance for other chores is simply outstanding and very informative. She believes in the idea of contentment with less material things and a simple lifestyle. She also offers free printable templates to make organizing and labeling easy. Plus, there is a lot of advice related to house cleaning, time management, keeping on schedule and general housekeeping. She also offers a free crash course on decluttering, what else do busy mummies need? (Source)

The Crazy Organized

Lindsay is an addict on the organization and house cleaning. She lives her life to see the house clean and also helps other mums do the same in her easiest DIYs and life hacks. She understands how overwhelming it can be for mothers to keep on top of the housework and so her simple tips and tricks will do you a lot in maintaining a clean and tidy house.

There are a lot of home organization advice, decoration ideas, and some general housekeeping ideas to maintain an overall happy and welcoming environment in her blog. Plus, some free templates for labels and organizing. (Source)

My Quiet Spot

Emily created this blog for working mums like herself where she and her followers can put in their ideas and tips regarding time management and housekeeping. You will also find several things-to-do with kids’ ideas and how to keep them busy during school holidays etc. such as craft activities and DIYs. Outside of house cleaning, organisation and designing ideas, the Quiet Spot also provides advice and content for self-improvement for mothers to make them feel confident and good about themselves. (Source)

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Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Cori is a full-time mum, a freelance writer, and editor. She shares her work and ideas as a craftsperson and creator of DIYs. Her tips are based around keeping the house clean and organised to help the mothers create a home they would love to be in. There are a lot of tips on designs on how to make your home look better and more attractive with the DIY techniques. You will also find free printable organization templates on her website. (Source)

Housewife How-Tos

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as managing a household, raising children apart from being the lady of the house too. With these responsibilities comes the hassle of keeping and managing everything in the best possible way. Katie, the Housewife How-Tos lady understands these daily struggles too well and gives you the how-to tips to help you keep a balance between all things. There are several time saving decluttering methods as well as advice on keeping the house clean in an efficient manner. Apart from the methods and techniques that work for house cleaning and decluttering, Katie also knows some ideas just don’t work for most of the houses. For this reason, she tends to break the ‘standard solutions’ and gives practical, constructive and productive ideas for cleaning and housekeeping routines that are time-saving and easily achievable for the mothers. In most of her tips, you can also involve kids to help out. As a bonus point, she also shares recipes and meal planning ideas for mummies. (Source)

The Happier Homemaker

Melissa has over 20,000 followers as she is an expert on housekeeping and an amazing blogger too. Melissa provides creative ideas for mothers to make their impaired looking home and the furnishings look loving and attractive. There are several tips on styles, crafts, DIYs, space-saving and organising which will turn your house into a home you love!

There are easy tips on home organization, designing ideas in minimum budget and free printable templates in Melissa’s blogs. She has been published in Buzzfeed, Woman’s Day and Martha Living for her outstanding home keeping tips and advice. (Source)

Pastels and Macarons

Maria creates and shares her amazing cleaning routines for women to get inspiration from. These tips are a work-for-all because they are super easy and can be used in any busy household.

She also gives organization advice to all moms who are looking for it. There are a lot of lifestyle guidelines in her blogs such as organization, house-keeping, budgeting, cleaning and also uses of essential oils. There are also home design ideas to keep busy mums like herself happy and content with their homes! (Source)

Simple Acres

Stephanie believes that having a simple life is the key to happiness. She says that we need to be content with what we have to be happy and that’s how we can realize what we have and truly appreciate it! With this being her central idea, in her blogs, Stephanie focuses on helping moms to find simplicity in their homes and lifestyle, which will also give them peace of mind and feeling of contentment.

Her key points are minimalism and quick and easy life hacks which are also budget-friendly. She inspires other women to live a simple life and appreciate the little things in life to be happy and content. (Source)


Misty is a full-time mum and a full-time blogger too. She home schools her children so she has even less time to organise, manage and accomplish household chores. It’s harder to keep the house clean and tidy and well-kept when you have children at home all the time.

In her blogs, she shares ideas for her readers on how to manage a clean and clutter-free house with her quick clean hacks. She also advises on time management to achieve your daily targets efficiently. She believes in having a schedule and routine is important and this is what she likes to share with her readers and followers. (Source)

The Home That Made Me

Charlotte is fond of interior designing and redecorating. She gives ideas to women about all the fresh tips on designing their home. What is a plus in her bogs is that she also gives tips on where to look for cheap finds for home decorating and other bits. Another feather in Charlotte’s hat is that she believes in recycling and upcycling and so her blogs give you ideas on how to renovate using upcycling and recycling using fun crafts and activities, which will also keep the kids busy and involved.

A living room filled with furniture and a window

She has also successfully renovated two houses to date and has shared the experience in her blog. She also advises on cheap furniture options in a limited budget. (Source)

Creative Homekeeper

Victoria established her blog to inspire women on creative home-keeping ideas. She also advises on how to keep a balance between different roles that empower women such as homemaker, a working professional and a mother. She teaches women how to maintain a balance to function practically.

Victoria believes that every woman is different and they like to manage their work differently too. With this in mind, she gives practical advice on home keeping. She does not believe in crafts and wants to keep a healthy balance between different roles of a woman that are easy to manage. Her blogs are not all about organizing but also how to keep a balance between things and maintain things in a manageable manner. (Source)

A Beautiful Mess

The blog is run by two sisters, Elsie and Emma who serve a lifestyle company that believes in finding happiness in a homemade messy lifestyle. In their blog, they offer ideas on home décor and other things such as food, crafts, cleaning and much more. The sisters have worked a hard way and now have a large following by the online users.

They work to give back to society in terms of inspiring women to be creative with household décor and other DIY things. These amazing ladies grew up doing DIYs and fun things around the house, so now they like to share their ideas with everyone. (Source)

The Soccer Mom

Stacey provides parents with reassurance and positivity to help them get going and to keep a healthy and happy living. She shares her best tips and tricks on budgeting and money-saving, DIYs and general home keeping hacks to make life easier and comfortable. Stacey knows that as human beings we all go through ups and downs and nobody is perfect, including mothers.

She shares her ideas from personal experiences based on trial and error. She tends to bring positive reinforcement to the households and help them keep going. (Source)

Creating Mary’s Home

Being the blog owner, Mary helps and aspires her clients to achieve beautiful and functional homes. She shares ideas on stress-free cleaning, time management and having a routine. She will help you to live a happier life within the home and gives you tips on how you can do it within the time and other constraints. There are several things she shares that help achieve these goals, such as DIY tips and some simple hacks.

The Best Home Cleaning Bloggers

She feels happy to help out others who are struggling in these areas. Mary claims that everything is not as hard as it might look like and aims to make things easier to other mothers too through her free printable templates, cleaning routine and housekeeping tips. (Source)

Better Housekeeper

If you want to keep your house looking tip-top from top to bottom, this is your go-to site. It is one of the leading house cleaning sites on the internet. It focuses on how to improve your housekeeping skills to make it even better.

If you are interested in tips on cleaning, cleaning, gardening or decorating you will love this website. They have taken care of everything from cleaning tips to DIY and house decorating. (Source)

Clean Mama Blog

This blog is hosted by Becky and is based on her personal tried and true principles. This site is a good resource for those looking to get organised. You will need to subscribe to the blogs to get some extras such as calendars, to-do lists and much more. There is a very nominal cost for joining and can be done anytime by visiting the blog, which is called ‘Homekeeping Society’. (Source)

Clean, Organized Family Home Blog

The main focus of this blog is family life and everything around it. There are tips on how to keep your home looking at its best throughout the year. There are features for different things around the year such as getting organised for family holidays, Christmas; how to care for Christmas tree, family get-togethers among others.

The blog is an extension of the website, so do take a look at the website as well if you’re looking for tips on holidays or any other time of the year. They offer a lot of ideas to improve family life through efficient housekeeping and organization. (Source)

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Toni is the host of this blog who believes in bringing home organization to the next level. She has organized her home in the best possible way and loves to share excellent tips from her personal experiences so that others can benefit from it too. There are ideas from the smallest of things such as book dividers and storage containers so that you can reduce the clutter in your home and be more organized.

Toni even has some books out addressing the same issue including ‘Complete Book of Home Organization’, which is available on Kindle as well as in paperback format. (Source)

One Good Thing by Jillee

Jillee’s blog focuses primarily on house cleaning. She also gives tips on cleaning solutions such as how to declutter your house, how to plan menus and cook yummy meals as some extra points.

The main focus of her blog, however, remains cleaning challenges and how to cut the time to do it faster and more efficiently. Jillee believes that the first step to a nice house is to make it clean. (Source)

A room filled with furniture and a large window

Clean And Scentsible

This blog also focuses on cleaning and organizing, however, there is a lot more than they have to offer. For example, holiday ideas to make your home more attractive and welcoming during the holiday season. Free printable calendars according to the season and easy to do ideas on how to make the home clutter-free are some of the other highlights on this blog. (Source)

The Queen of Clean

This interesting blog is hosted by Linda. She focuses on cleaning and organizing not just home but also office. Her humorous and witty style of writing is what makes her stand out. Linda pays attention to the difficult cleaning issues that a lot of people find hard to deal with.

She uses simple hacks from household items such as tea bags and orange drink to make cleaning sprays and stuff to make it easier for people to get things done. There are lots of useful cleaning tips on her blog. She posts about four times in a month and with her tips, you will see why she is called the ‘Queen of Clean’. (Source)

IHeart Organizing

Jen has a lot to offer you in terms of home organizing whether you love doing it or not. She makes sure that with her excellent tips and tricks, she makes it easy for every stay-at-home mom to organize the house and to make it a thing they would love to do!

Whether it is a kitchen cabinet that you are looking to organise or your child’s bedroom, Jen has got you covered. You will find many useful tips to declutter the house. Her tips are easy and practical so do check it out regularly for some useful advice. (Source)

The Inspired Room

Melissa’s main focus is home decorating but she believes that a part of decorating is house cleaning too. She shares some wonderful house organizing tips that anyone can use to make their house in good shape. She helps the women to love the house they are already in, rather than longing for more and better.

Decluttering and space-saving solutions are also some of Melissa’s expertise. Women love what they discover in this blog as there is a lot to learn and explore from, such a cleaning, decorating and other bits related to home keeping. (Source)

Mrs Clean

Mrs. Clean gives tips on housekeeping and to help the women find out what they require to keep their home in the best possible condition. She understands that everyone has different needs and time constraints, therefore her tips and tricks are more generalized that anyone can customize according to their individual needs.

Her blog comes from years of experience of cleaning and organizing since it is based on an actual cleaning business. There is a lot of valuable guidelines, so if you don’t know where to get started but need it all together this is the one for you. (Source)

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