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Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Services guide and tips

Everyone knows of the term of spring cleaning. Winter leaves us and the sun starts to come back out, the trees become green and the flowers all start to grow. It’s a beautiful time of year and lots of people take the opportunity to make their house nice and clean too. There are spring cleaning companies (also known as spring cleaner companies) that offer services where they’ll come and give your house the new year magic and give you that clean home feeling.


What is a Spring Cleaning Service?
It’s as you may be thinking, they’ll clean the house and make it look very neat and tidy. All companies that offer these services will ensure that this is the case, but some companies are more in depth and pry a little further than what standard household tools will do. Some common things you can expect to see are:

Dusting or hoovering
 Kitchen cleaning
 Bathroom cleaning
 Sometimes outdoor maintenance too

In the above it mentions that some companies include outdoor maintenance. Some do, and some focus on this solely for you. If that’s something you need then that’s great, and it’s good to know that those services are out there. They cover things like raking the lawn from leaves, mowing the lawn and plenty more, but we’ll not get into that today.

When a company is conducting a more thorough spring clean, they’ll use some more heavy handed approaches to the above list and start to really dig out any dirt, dust or bacteria that may be hiding away after a standard clean. Some of the more detailed spring cleaning companies will delve into these more detailed areas of cleaning. Some of their services will include the above ones, and some of the, if not all of below:

Cleaning of lighting appliances
 Mattress UV inspection and cleaning
 Disinfecting of toilets, sinks, baths and showers

These services will often delve into a lot more detail and start to look into the deeper levels of cleaning to make sure that you experience not only a cleaner and tidier house, but also a more hygienic one too. It helps to reduce the amount of dust that’s in the air and the bacteria that lives on them, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Can’t I Just do it Myself?

Yes, you can is the short answer, but it’s definitely not an easy task to complete. For example, a standard hoover will get a lot of the dust and dirt out of your carpets and things like that, but they’re designed to be used for several purposes. A professional spring cleaning company, also known as a spring cleaner company, will have specialised tools designed specifically for this purpose to ensure that the best results possible are obtained.

It also can take a lot of time to do, often a full weekend if you’re wanting to go the full extent of disinfecting and deep cleaning. A spring cleaning company will have the skills and the know-how to effectively get your house whipped into shape as quickly as possible, with the aid of some specialised tools. Yes it may cost more than doing it yourself, but it’ll save you a lot of time and give your house an effective and satisfying clean feeling.

Professional Cleaning Company
If you’re thinking of hiring a company for the annual spring clean, then it’s a great idea to do so. They’ll definitely be able to bring some of their magic to the house and help you to ease your home into the new year and whatever stories and adventures await you and your property.

Companies offer professional services and there are people out there who are professionals who offer the skills themselves. With that said, there are people who aren’t properly trained in the skills to deliver an effective professional spring cleaning service which may result in a service that’s not quite up to your expectations. This isn’t to say that every company or person who isn’t experienced is bad however, as nobody can gain experience without doing it for a long time, but it does mean that you may receive a cheaper service which may not be quite as good as that of a professional.

How Will I Know if They’re a Professional?
There’s a lot of factors that can differentiate someone as a professional to someone who is knowledgable in a subject. Someone may have studied a lot about cars and engines and how they work, whereas a mechanic may have worked on car engines for 20 years. The mechanic is experienced and could be perceived as a professional having learnt what he knows by physically seeing it and solving problems that he encounters first hand. The person who studies cars is knowledgeable, but hasn’t had the hands on experience to understand and resolve problems. This person would be knowledgeable, but not necessarily a professional.

This applies to companies and professionals of all kinds and the spring cleaning service industry is no exception. Companies will often advertise their years of experience in the industry, or their skills and qualifications, but not all of them do. It won’t hurt to ask the question if you’re unsure or would like some clarification though!

When talking to the company, if you give them a call or head into the store ask how many of these they’ve done or how long they’ve been in the cleaning industry for. It’s rare that they’ll ever try and hide the information and if they do then you’ll know that it’s a red flag straight away and you may decide they’re not the company for you.

What Benefits Will a Professional Bring?
With professionalism comes experience, and with experience comes knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’ as it’s known. Someone who has been delivering these services for a long time will be able to effectively help you with your house cleaning, with the experience to know exactly what they’re looking out for.

You may even learn a couple of things from them, as you may find they’ll be cleaning an area of the house you’ve never contemplated or thought needed looking into before, and they’ll be able to share why they’re doing what they’re doing which in turn helps your knowledge. From using a professional you may well gain much more than just a cleaned house, you may learn a few tips and tricks too.

Experienced Staff
Similarly to the above, experience is a key factor in being able to deliver an effective service. Knowing what works well and what doesn’t will help them to avoid any wasted time or efforts and to concentrate their efforts on the areas that truly matter, meaning you’ll have a cleaned house nice and quickly.

What Does Experienced Staff Mean?
To have experienced staff means that the company has either trained their employees to a high standard, or hired people who have gained experience from other places. From a buyers perspective this is great as it means that you’ll have the confidence in their work and that they’ll do a good job.

Not everybody will be experienced and it can take many years to get there, which is why often companies have an apprentice. This person will work with a business and alongside someone who’s experienced to gain the knowledge and the skills to become experienced, which is a great opportunity and process for someone to learn the required skills and knowledge to become experienced in their role.

What if The Company Want to Send an Apprentice?
There’s absolutely no reason to feel they’ll do a worse job than an experienced member of staff. It’s very rare that they’ll be doing the job by themselves and usually will be accompanied by someone more senior to help guide them and make sure that they’re doing everything they need to be. If they need to ask any questions it allows someone to be there ans answer them, ensuring that there is no unnecessary risk to your home from their services.

From your perspective, having an apprentice means they’ll be extra careful to make sure they do a good job as they’re wanting to learn the skills and gain the reputation as someone who knows what they’re doing, so they’ll be eager to please. You’ll be helping them to build their confidence and learn the skills to reach where they want to be, so it’s a good deed from you to help them.

Where Can I Find a Company With Experience?
If you know of anyone who’s used a company in the past for spring cleaning services then it’s great to ask them about who they used and their experience. They’ll be able to share some details of how they got on and if they’d want to use the company again or not, which will help you to decide if they will work for you.

If you don’t know anyone who’s used a company like this before then searching online a great way to find some potential companies to work with. Searching for something like ‘spring cleaning services in Surrey’ will help to find localised businesses to you so you can get in touch and learn more about what they do and if they’re the right company for you. Using this style of search term will help you find professional spring cleaning services effectively. From here you’ll be able to take a list of questions if you’re not 100% sure and invoke a conversation, learning more about their business and what they do.

If you’re still not satisfied, take to social media and search for companies in your area. You’re more likely to find a smaller company who hasn’t got their name far out just yet, but are more than happy to work with you and will appreciate the custom a lot more than bigger, chain companies may.

Fully Insured
It’s often something that may be overlooked, but it’s a good one to bear in mind. When dealing with a company who’s doing work to your home, any mistake could be tricky to rectify. Usually blunders are small and aren’t costly, and the company often will absorb the cost as its their fault. However, if something more sinister happened, then it could easily be a lot more expensive and may require a larger payout to rectify the problem.

When cleaning a house, a lot of different chemicals are used from bleaches to ammonias and all sorts outside of the two. It takes just one slip or a lid that’s not quite on properly to send lots of these chemicals spilling down the staircase and all over the carpet or flooring. This can cost upwards of several thousands of pounds, especially if the bleach has ruined the flooring, and would require a lot of work to fix / replace the damages. The company may not be able to afford to pay for this in one go, which is where insurance services come in to protect your property from anything like this.

Another example is these chemicals potentially being flammable, which could result in damages a lot worse than a ruined carpet. It could result in the house being partially or completely burnt down, which although is extremely rare, is still a possibility.

A much less severe possibility is that the company breaks one of its tools in the middle of working on your property, which will cause delays. Instead of the company having to pay a large some for some new equipment before continuing they may be able to replace or fix what they’re using through insurance, ensuring they can continue and keep any delays to a minimum.

These horror stories shouldn’t put you off, as it could happen to anyone at any time. A company who is fully insured will be protected if anything were to happen to ensure that you’re not left out of pocket but also will have procedures and processes in place to make sure that any risks are minimised. After one incident, their reputation could be ruined and their insurance premium will change and increase dramatically which no business would want, therefore they’ll be keen to keep their reputation intact and their insurance premiums down.


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