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How to give your Home a Perfect Regular Domestic Cleaning

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Home domestic cleaning can be defined as the basic cleaning activities that are often done to keep the home clean, refreshing to enter and sparkling at all time. It is a good habit to keep every section of your home shining and glowing. A better way to achieve this is by considering regular domestic cleaning.

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Domestic regular cleaning activities include sweeping and mopping home floors, washing dishes, laundry activities, and all. There are several other domestic activities to these which you’ll see later in this blog.

Why you should Consider Regular
Domestic Cleaning for your Home 

Unarguably, regular domestic cleaning is one of the most effective and easy ways to keep home environments clean and intact. Basically, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy from doing regular domestic cleaning:

1. Good Looking and Friendly

domestic cleaning helps to keep an environment attractive and friendly at all
times. When your home is clean and refreshing, it’ll always leave you with a
sense of fulfilment and greatness. 

2. Easy Germs and Bacteria Removal

and bacteria can be harmful to human health due to their ability to pass
infection. To create an environment or home free of germs and bacteria, regular
domestic cleaning should be considered.

3. Clean and Healthy Environment

Nothing feels better than living in a clean and healthy environment. Domestic cleaning would help you create an odour-free and healthy environment. Also, a better way to improve the quality of airflow in an environment is by considering regular cleaning.

4. Reflects Who You Are

almost every home owner wants an environment that reflects who they are in
terms of cleanliness. A clean environment would give you good impression among
your peers whenever they come visiting. Easily achieving a clean home is best
done by regular domestic cleaning.

Effective Regular Domestic Cleaning
Tips to Keep Your Home Super Clean

Truth be told, nothing get rid of the stress and anxiety of work than stepping into your house and seeing how sparkling and refreshing it is. To achieve a clean environment, here are few tips and tricks to keep every section of your home super clean: 

Living room

  • Dust off your couches with a thick dry microfibre towel
  • Sweep your floor regularly and mob your floor tiles with soap water. You can also vacuum clean the floor.
  • Get rid of the cobwebs in the top corner of your living room with a long broom or with a dampened cloth tied around a long stick. 
  • Wipeout dust from your picture frames with a dry cloth. Thereafter, dampen a towel with a spray glass cleaner to scrub the glass of the picture frames.
  • Dust all electrical appliances with a dry microfibre towel
  • Clean ceiling fan with a dampened towel tied to a mob stick or broom
  • Remove cobwebs at the top corners of the living room with a long broom or brush.


  • Regularly sweep dirt away from your room with a broom or sweeping brush
  • Dust off the entire accessories in your bedroom with a thick microfibre
  • Mob your bedroom floor with water or vacuum it
  • Remove cobwebs from the top corners of your bedroom with long broom or brush
  • Wash your beddings and clean your bed frame
  • Dust your mattress often
  • Wipeout dust from your picture frames with a dry cloth. Thereafter, dampen a towel with a spray glass cleaner to scrub the glass of the picture frames.


  • Wash your kitchen sink with soft foam and soap solution.
  • Brush off the facets of your sink with a solution using a soft brush.
  • Wash your dishes by wiping them with shakes of baking soda on a damp sponge. Also, clean your dish drainer to remove dirt and stains before arranging your dishes on it.
  • Use a damp microfibre towel to clean the interior and exterior of your oven and microwave. Make sure you leave the oven or microwave open for a few minutes after cleaning in order to air out and dry.
  • Regularly empty your waste bin or food waste disposal.
  • Sanitize your kitchen cabinets by spraying a solution of disinfectant over them and scrub with a microfibre towel to clean the surface.
  • Mob or scrub the floor and wall tiles of your kitchen with a solution of soap and water.
  • Wash your slab with sponge and soap before wiping with a dry towel.
  • Disinfect your sponge by washing with soap and warming to a moderate temperature.

Bathroom & Toilet

  • Scrub the floor and wall tiles with a brush and disinfectant
  • Remove cobwebs from your ceilings with a long brush or broom
  • Wash your bathroom sink and faucet with hard brush and detergent
  • Dust your shower curtains with a dry microfibre towel
  • Wash your closet with a hard brush and disinfectant to remove stains and odour
  • Scrub the rim of your closet with a disinfectant solution to get rid of hidden gems
  • Polish the surface of your mirror with a small amount of polish to keep it shining

Why you should Hire Professionals for
your Home Regular Domestic Cleaning

does seem easy to carry out domestic cleaning. However, achieving a super clean
home requires professionalism and technicality. Here among others are reasons
you should hire cleaning experts for your domestic cleaning:

1. Saves valuable time and effort

professionals for your home cleaning job would save you valuable time and
effort. You can focus that time on more important things instead of spending it
to clean your home.

2. Top Quality Cleaning

professionals are skilled and they have the right techniques to give your home
a superb appearance. No matter how good you are at home cleaning, you can’t do
it better than experts in the field.  

3. Routine Check-up

cleaning professionals can schedule routine cleaning for your home. This is not
realistic for you as a home owner considering the other primary activities you
might be involved in. 


your home that perfect domestic cleaning to keep it shining and refreshing is
very important. The basic home cleaning activities are what every home owner
should be able to handle. However, it is a better idea to hire home cleaning
experts for every domestic cleaning activities.


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