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Gutter Repairs & Installation

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Gutter Repairs & Installation


is an important safety parameter today for your property. It collects the
rainwater and routes it safely to avoid the water clogging and leakages etc.
However, like every other equipment, they also need repairs and maintenance to work effectively. For your ease, we have
compiled Gutter Installation and Repair
related stuff which will surely help you out. This section is dedicated to
everything you need to know about Gutters – Like its Importance, Installation and even Repairs.

Let’s move on to discuss them sequentially.

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Gutter Installation, Do I need it?

Are you sure
what Gutter is and Do you ever need Gutter Installation? Does it adds value to
your house or just meant for show? Whether it is your old house or you just
bought it, Gutters are a must today. In this Blog, we will also discover why
you need Gutters, Its importance today and will also talk about Clogged Gutters
and Gutter Repairs. Yes, Gutter also needs repair and the services today are
easily available. You just need to know the basics and this helpful guide will
clear all your queries related to the subject.

Importance of Gutter Repairs & Installation

As we mentioned above, every house needs Gutters. Even
your architect and authorities today will either recommend or mandate you to
install depending upon the condition.

Lets discuss the benefits of Gutter Repairs & Installation –

Stains in Walls and Exterior Paints –

Your roof slope is all dusty and during the rains or
when the snow melts, it brings all of it down to your walls and results in
stains in your exterior wall and paints all over. If your property is new, you
don’t want its sheen to go away in first such season.

Foundation is Safe

Your Foundation is absolutely safe with the help of
Gutters. When the rainwater starts pooling around your house, it certainly
creates pressure on your foundation. When there is no proper drainage plan in
place, it leads to seepage also and ultimately weakens the foundation.

While Proper Gutter Installation protects your
foundation by managing the heavy water flow during the rains etc.

It Protects Basements

Water clogging is dangerous for all your assets if you
have a basement in your house or property. Weak or cracked walls will not be
able to sustain the water pressure and this clogging will surely flood your

Protects Garden and Plants

Acute weather conditions like Snow, Rain and winters,
etc are dangerous for your plants and garden. During rain, water clogging is
harmful for plants. Soil erosion also weakens their roots. Similarly, when the
snow melts, an overnight water deposit turns into Ice. This literally freezes
your plants and you find them gone.

Maintains Landscape Slope

You landscape slopes start wearing down because of
soil erosion during rains. Soil erosion also leads the deposits to settle and
soon uneven floors are noticed. In fact, you can also see cracked walls many a

Some other benefits apart from above-mentioned points
are also there, like –

  • It protects your sidings from damage caused by water.
  • Gutter protects your house from Stains on brick and

Any woodwork like exterior windows and doors etc are
also safe.

What are some Best Gutters to Installs? Popular Gutter Repairs & Installation
Materials –

Now when we have discussed the benefits of Gutter Repairs & Installation,
now you need to know the types and materials used in Gutters.

  • Vinyl Gutters
  • Aluminium Gutters
  • Steel Gutters
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Wood

Amongst the above materials, three of them are the
most popular and recommended Gutter Repairs & Installation. Let’s discuss each of them

Vinyl Gutters –

One of the most popular amongst the available choices,
They are easy to install and rust-free.

Vinyl Gutters are Light in weight and you don’t need
an expert to install it.

We will also suggest opting for material only after
discussing it with the local expert. Like for example, Vinyl Gutters, despite
being popular and easy to install, are not suggested for extremely cold places
and you can see cracks over time.

Aluminium Gutters

Like Vinyl Gutters, they are easy to install and light
in weight. Aluminium Gutters are also rusting free and hence durable.

One great advantage of Aluminium Gutters over the
Vinyl one is that they don’t crack even in extreme weather conditions.

The only piece of advice is to choose gutters made of
primary Aluminium and not recycled one as primary aluminium is more durable.

Steel Gutters

Steel Gutters are also rust-free, durable and weather
safe. But the only drawback is pricing as they are far more costly than the
above two. If you don’t really mind investing the money or there is no budget
constraint, you can surely opt Steel Gutters Installation.

Shapes and Types of Gutters –

In the previous section, we discussed the materials of
Gutters. In this section, we shall outline the shapes and types of Gutters.

Gutters are important to carry the rainwater, so they
should do it quickly and efficiently. You can discuss the options and
combinations with your vendor, which type actually suits your requirements.

Basis the shape, Gutters can be categorised like –

  • K-Style Gutters,
  • Victorian Gutters,
  • Fascia Gutters,
  • Half-Round Gutters and
  • European Gutters

Based on Type of Construction, We have–

  • Sectional and
  • Seamless


What are some Tips before you Install Gutter?

While everyone just installs the Gutters, we have seen
the majority of them are not installed properly. Ideally, Gutters should not
hold standing water. They should be proper in shape and size, should be
installed properly with bends and dents and finally should not leak. Follow these tips to have your
installations working-

  1. Ensure the Gutters are carefully installed with the
    utmost care and are not damaged during the installation. Any damage will lead
    to a change in the complete section.
  2. Avoid installation of too many seams, as it can lead
    to leakages etc
  3. Ensure the Downspouts are properly installed.
  4. Installation of Gutters with proper spacing between
    them. 2-3 feet spacing with hangers properly installed between the Gutters is
    generally suggested.
  5. Proper Size and Type of Gutter as mentioned above is
    crucial. Gutters small in size doesn’t serve the purpose actually. Like, Small
    size gutters are generally found overloaded and hence leaks.
  6. Ensure the seals are tightened properly and sealant is
    applied properly. There should not be any leakage and it should be checked with
    supplying a small quantity of water.

Gutter Repair

Do Gutters need Repairs? What do you need to know
about Gutter Repairs?

While everyone just installs the Gutters, they are
more often seen ignoring the care of it. Yes, Gutter needs proper cleaning and
maintenance, failing which you might need a repair soon.

4 common reasons when you Gutter Repairing are –

  • Overflow,
  • Holes,
  • Leakages,
  • Rust and
  • Downspout clogging

Overflow related issues to the serious problem on walls and
foundation. Overflow of water is generally because of clogging in outlets. You
need to check the outlets and deep clean them. Consider installing gutter
guards to avoid overflow in the future.

Holes can be patched easily if they are small. You can fix
them by using Roofing Cement. If they are comparatively big, you can Patch them
with sheet metal patch. It can be fixed with asphalt roofing cement.

Leaking Rain Gutters are generally because of joints. You can fix it by
adjusting your Gutter hangers and applying Silicon or Gutter Caulking compound.

For Rusting, Youshould
consider painting or replacing the particular patch.

Downspout clogging happens because of debris in elbows. You need to
figure out the particular section first and dismantle it. Now you can clean and
flush out the debris easily.


If you are planning to DIY, you would need some or all
of these tools to clean and repair the Gutters –

  1. Putty Knife
  2. Sealants and roofing cement
  3. Ladder
  4. Rubber Gloves
  5. Garbage bags
  6. Hose, Long enough to reach gutters
  7. Nuts and Screws etc

Gutter Maintenance, A Routine Checkup?

You are seriously mistaken if you think you need
Gutter Repairing and Maintenance only during Fall or if they are leaking or

A Routine checkup always helps in reducing the
expensive repair bill.

While you can relax during winters, but in springs, you need to check if winter has caused any cracks, sags or
damage. Summer is one of the most
favourable time to get the repairs and maintenance done. Check all your gutter
guards, downspouts, falling sections, etc and fix them. During Fall, you need to clear all fallen
leaves, clear all debris and unclog the joints.

When to Repair or Replace the Gutter?

Maintenance is to take care of your Gutters. But when
there is a problem, you need to decide if your installed Gutters can be
repaired or you need to consider replacing them?

You must go for repairs if –

  • One or two sections are damaged,
  • Some of your hangers are loose,
  • Few of small holes. Although larger holes can also be
    fixed but not in every scenario.
  • In case of clogging, minor Cracks,
  • Leakages due to one or two joints/seam

Consider Replacing your Gutter if–

  • Already multiple repairs are made and still, the
    problem persists,
  • The Gutter is clean and clear but still the leakages
    are there,
  • Overflow because of the size of Gutter,
  • There are dents and hence leakage or overflow issue is

Should You Repair your Gutters Yourself?

While we strictly recommend you to take care of
Gutters and maintain them yourself periodically to avoid regular repair work,
we would also recommend you to get it
repaired through Professionals
if it’s
not just 5 minutes job

Repairing a Gutter involves climbing through the
ladder, cementing, loosening or tightening of hanger nuts, etc. You need to
balance them well so that rainwater can flow smoothly. The gutter is all about
creating a seamless channel with proper slopes, bends, etc and you need
perfection. Focusing on one patch and ignoring others will cause another

Any small or big dent will further deteriorate your
Gutter’s condition and will lead to leakages etc

Hence we would suggest to take quotes from renowned
vendors and negotiate well to save money, instead of doing it all yourself.

Final Words

This entire section if read carefully, suggests to
always go for Gutters in your property. Now you know the benefits of Gutter in
the protection of your foundation, garden, walls and its importance in
safeguarding your house. We have also discussed the three best materials of
Gutters like Vinyl, Steel, and Aluminium which are durable and considerably low
in installation cost and maintenance.

Once you have installed your Gutters, please take care
of them well. Maintain them and have a routine check-up of your Gutters.

In the case of Repairs, always seek professional
guidance as the entire setup might suffer if you fix one thing yourself leading
the damage to others.

Also in case of multiple repairs already done, Now you
know when is the time to replace your Gutter.

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