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Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Gutters are often overlooked, given they’re so high up and hard to reach on buildings they can be forgotten about.

Because they’re usually so high up, it makes any repairs more difficult and dangerous without the appropriate equipment to reach them, which is where companies come into play to help with this.

The companies that offer these services such as rain gutter repair will be qualified and have experience in this work, ensuring that they effectively use the equipment to ensure maximum safety to themselves and to you and your property.

What Problems can Come From Guttering Problems?
For some, guttering leads to a water butt which holds a barrel of rain water. This then can be used for watering plants rather than having to pay for the water from the hose, and is a great way of saving money.

However, if the guttering isn’t channelling rain water effectively this can mean that water is being missed and isn’t making its way into the water butt, so it won’t be helping to save as much water as possible.

Because gutters are often situated right under the roof of a building, they provide a perfect home for things like moss to grow.

Moss can, over time, become quite large and can block up areas of guttering to make them less efficient of transporting the rain water from the rooftop to a designated place.

Once the guttering starts to clog from things like moss then the water can overflow and pour over the edge of the guttering, which can then trickle down the side of a building and cause things like staining.

As well as this, gutters will transport many litres of water in their lifetime, and can be susceptible to needing maintenance over time. If the rain is extremely strong it can cause the guttering to become loose, or to crack, which subsequently means it cannot transport the water away as well as it should.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the cracking or loosening of your guttering, from the freezing winters and hot summers putting the guttering through its paces, to animals trying to nest and adding extra weight.

As time goes on, gutters will eventually stand the test of time and will need some sort of cleaning or maintenance, so being proactive may be good to help ensure that they’re in tip top condition and help to address any smaller problems before they become bigger.

What Can I do to Prevent Problems?
As gutters are so high up its dangerous to use a ladder to reach this high and should only be done by a professional who has the appropriate equipment for the task.

By hiring a company to come and clean your gutters, they will be able to help advise any areas that need attention or things to be aware of, to help you to keep on top of things.

With a lot of these companies that work with guttering, if they are cleaning and find a potential problem they may have the appropriate tools to fix it there and then before it becomes a worse problem, and will save you the cost of a second call out.

It’s definitely worth asking them if they’re able to take a look and confirm that the guttering looks good.

Types of Gutters
There are five main types of guttering, and they all serve a different purpose to ensure effective guttering. The five main types of guttering that can be used are as follows:

Aluminium guttering – Aluminium is a great material to use as its renowned for its high strength and low cost. It’s also very good at standing the tests of mother nature and is weather proof as well as very durable, so it helps to alleviate some of the problems associated with plastic guttering over time.

Steel guttering – Steel guttering is known for being easy to install and eco-friendly, making it a popular choice for industrial buildings such as warehouses. With various precautions taken to prevent erosion and some choices preventing damage from UV and weather, some companies offer up to 15 years guarantee on their guttering.

Plastic guttering – Plastic is the most common type of guttering on domestic buildings. It’s well known for its versatility and cheap cost, so many people use this on their properties to help manage the flow of rain water. It’s so easy to work with a lot of people will set up a water butt by hand, without the need for any specialist tools other than standard tools found in the garage or shed.

Cast iron guttering – When installed properly, cast iron guttering is known to last up to 100 years. It has great adaptability to the look oaf any building, making it a popular choice on a wide variety of building types.

Copper guttering – Copper is well known for its colour, instilling a sense of Industrial Britain to any building. It looks good, but also is a great choice to help water flowing correctly. Because of its material, it also prevents moss from growing as quickly and therefore reduces the need for cleaning as often.

With the many types of guttering, there are also various different styles and types below this.

You’ll find a range of different shapes, from circular to square guttering and a whole range of different colours available too.

The reason for this is to ensure that it matches and works nicely with your property, ensuring that it integrates and becomes a part of your roof without standing out badly.

How Will I Know Which Type is Best for me?
Whichever type of guttering you have or you’re looking to go for, they all have their advantages and have been continually improved overtime to ensure that they do the job as effectively as possible.

It’s important to research into your property and search for other properties similar and what types of guttering they use.

As an example, if you’re looking to replace the guttering on a commercial property, such as a large office building, you may want something that’s durable and will last for a long time without any maintenance needed.

This means that you may be looking towards cast iron guttering or steel guttering, as opposed to for a commercial property where you may want something that’s nice and easy to work with, such as plastic guttering.

Gutter Replacement Services
If you’re interested in gutter repairs, or you’ve noticed your guttering is starting to look worse for wear and you’re looking into sprucing it up a bit, then a gutter replacement may not be the worst idea.

A company will come and measure your property, what guttering is needed and start to understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve by replacing the guttering.

Once they have a good idea of what you’re looking for, they’ll be able to start pricing this up and get you a quote.

After you’ve received a quote, if you’re happy to proceed then the company will come and start the work for you.

The first thing they’ll need to do is remove any guttering that’s already on the property, so they’ll take all of this down and remove it before they start installing the new guttering.

Once this has been removed and they are happy to proceed further, they’ll start adding the new guttering and installing this onto your property.

From start to finish, you can expect this to take around 1-2 days typically, and possibly longer if the property is bigger.

You may not require the entire property to have the guttering replaced, perhaps just a portion if its been damaged.

Companies will be able to do this and it won’t cost as much as replacing all of the guttering on the property, so this may be a viable option if only a small amount has been damaged, such as one of the pipes has been cracked.

Where Can I Find Gutter Replacement Surfaces?
Companies that offer gutter installation will typically offer gutter replacements too, as it’s very similar the work that is required.

If you search online for ‘gutter replacement in London’ as an example, or search for ‘gutter replacement company near me’ this will help the search engine to find information about local companies to you.

Once you’ve found a list, make sure they offer the services that you’re needing to ensure that you find a company that’ll do the job you need.

For example, if you’re looking for a gutter cleaning company, make sure they offer this.

If you need guttering replacing, make sure they don’t just offer gutter cleaning.

This will help ensure that you’re getting the best service for the job you have.

Why Should I Use a Company?
It is possible to do it yourself, and often people do.

If you’re looking to change the guttering on a lower property, such as on a shed, then this isn’t impossible to do by yourself as the dwelling isn’t too high and should be within reach.

However, it may be difficult to measure up and ensure that you get it correct which is where using a company will come in.

They’ll have done this many times before and know exactly what they’re looking for to ensure that they get the measurements and everything correct.

The other important reason is safety, and this is a major thing to be careful of. Guttering is usually situated along the rooftop of a property, so it’s fair to expect that the guttering is quite high on most properties.

Companies will have the appropriate tools and equipment to safely reach these higher areas with maximum safety in mind. One wrong slip and it could cause significant injury, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Gutter Installation Services
Companies that work with guttering will typically offer a gutter installation service. Gutter installation involves installing guttering on a new property, or often replacing guttering on a property.

Gutter installation is no easy task and there are a lot of safety requirements before this can be done.

Due to buildings having high roofs, companies must have the appropriate safety equipment before they’re able to reach the guttering to complete the task in hand. If the guttering is out of arms reach, then it is not recommended to try and do it yourself as it could be dangerous and may result in injury.

How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?
To install guttering there are a number of factors that can affect the cost.

If the property has a lower roof, such as a bungalow, then the cost may be less from a labour perspective as the job isn’t as high as what would be from a three storey house.

If the company have to climb higher to install the guttering then they may charge slightly more for this as they’ll have to set the ladder up and ensure that they are safe, install the guttering on that part before moving onto the next section.

This can add time onto their job, increasing the time that they’ll take before the complete the project and therefore cost more in labour.

The materials that are used on the property can affect the cost too.

Plastic guttering is notorious for being a low cost, but not being as efficient as that of cast iron guttering which costs more. Plastic guttering is the most common for a domestic property, so depending on the job you can expect the following prices:

 Cleaning per m2: £4 – £8
 Replacement guttering per m2 (plastic guttering): £50 – £80
 Replacement guttering per m2 (cast iron guttering): £85 – £120

These are only advisory rates and may differ for your local area. London as an example, may be around 20% higher as the cost of living is greater in the city, therefore the above should only be used as a guide to give an idea.

Why Use a Company?
If you’re thinking of doing this yourself, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. For example, for every meter of guttering there needs to be an appropriate slope (usually around 20mm per 5m or 1:500), you’ll need to ensure the brackets are sufficiently placed apart to hold the guttering and the water during heavy rain and plenty more.

The other drawback is safety, and if you’re thinking of applying guttering to a shed or a low roof building that you can easily reach, then this isn’t too bad. When thinking of a property that may be two stories or taller, this becomes a lot more dangerous without appropriate equipment and therefore should not be attempted.

The number one way to ensure your safety is to hire a professional with the correct tools. There is no cost on life, and it’s not worth the risk to try and do it yourself unless you have the appropriate training and the tools to do so.

A company with experience will have done this on so many properties before, so they know exactly what measurements they’re looking out for and what they need to do to ensure the job is done to a great standard nice and quickly.


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