End of Tenancy Cleaning in Stoneleigh

Why do you insist on handling your move out cleaning by yourself knowing fully well that this is going to give you excess stress and body ache?

Why do you insist on stressing yourself out when you can simply hire Best Cleaners Surrey end of tenancy cleaning agency to handle your post tenancy cleaning for you without any hassles?

As a tenant that is moving, you have to pack, clean, go to work, be available for family and do other important things. All of these things will leave you very exhausted each day and you won’t be able to properly enjoy activities that you should enjoy.

We at Best Cleaners Surrey end of tenancy cleaning agency are offering to ease part of that pain by taking over the cleaning and make your nights a lot more pleasant than when they were plagued by back and joint aches.

Best Cleaners Surrey end of tenancy cleaning agency provides professional cleaning services and if you’d like to have your initial deposit back, it’s always a splendid idea to hire a team of professional end of tenancy cleaners to handle your post tenancy cleaning.

Even if you’re not a tenant, and you’re a landlord or an agent who wants their building to be in tip top shape in preparation for new tenants who might be coming in, you still need end of tenancy cleaners to take this post tenancy cleaning from your hands and handle it professionally.

Especially if you do not have the experience, the required skill set, the right tools and equipment and the expertise or professionalism needed, then you should definitely book our team of end of tenancy cleaners to handle your post tenancy cleaning and make your building clean because they check all of those boxes. 

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The End of Tenancy Cleaning/ Move Out Cleaning Checklist

The advantages of a clean building are endless and it’s always a good idea to have your building feel welcoming to your prospective tenants or buyers as the case may be. 

Which is why we’re offering to send down an experienced team of end of tenancy cleaners to do their magic on your building.

Nobody wants to have to do excessively vigorous cleaning when moving into a new house. Especially because the moving period is usually a very stressful time for many.

So why not contact us today? We are an agency that offers professional cleaning services and end of tenancy cleaning in Stone Leigh. We will clean your building from top to bottom and leave it in an excellent shape.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking

We want to give the property the best send-off for you

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking

We provide professional cleaning services to both tenants, agents and landlords in Stone Leigh. And you can be rest assured that you’ll have your full money’s worth when you contract us to handle your post tenancy cleaning.

We have a team of specially trained end of tenancy cleaners who handle the delivery of our professional cleaning services and are very reliable and efficient. They will leave your building looking brand new.

Our team of end of tenancy cleaners are experienced and will expertly take care of your property like the professionals that they are. They are able to deliver high quality professional cleaning services even when they are unsupervised.

As an agency that offers professional cleaning services and is committed to serving our clients in the highest possible standard, we run on a very flexible schedule.

We have so much pride in our services we offer a Deposit Back Guarantee

We understand that the satisfaction of our customers is the secret to running a successful business and so we do our very best to run a schedule and a structure that can easily be adjusted to serve and cater for the move out cleaning needs of our clients.

A structure that can be tweaked and turned and twisted to make life convenient for our clients and make it easier for them to go about their day to day activities while we take care of their move out cleaning.

We strive to make life a lot easier for our clients so that they can have the time and energy to focus on more fun things that they have to do.

Some of our professional cleaning services include:

  • An all inclusive move out cleaning of the entire house. Focusing on wide surfaces and open spaces.
  • A second clean round of move out cleaning focusing on the corners and spots that might have been missed in the first round of cleaning. 
  • Dusting and polishing all of your surfaces so that the atmosphere of the building is clean, dust free and welcoming. 
  • Cleaning your oven, fridge and other appliances that might be needing dusting and shine. We will leave no dusts or stains from use.
  • Cleaning your carpets out and mopping your floors and engaging professionalism so that we don’t leave scratches or cause additional damage to your items.
  • We will vacuum your sofas and cushions and focus on dirt, stains and wear from use.
  • We will also bring along our checklist of over fourty move out cleaning actions to be done so you don’t have to worry about us leaving anything out. 
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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking


Anything that is flagged by your landlord or new tenants; we will come back to address until satisfied, ensuring your full deposits back and happy new tenants.


Because sometimes your new home just isn’t Home without it. Relax and unwind while we make your new home, Home.


On top of the end of tenancy cleaning, you can also book home removal services at our company. We are always available on short notice at any time. Click to learn more...


  • We have a flexible schedule that will be tailored to suit your specific needs so that you are left very satisfied with our move out cleaning services.
  • We are competitively priced and will do our best to give you enormous value for your money. Our prices are very competitive and we always strive to provide more value than the amount we are charging.
  • We provide move out cleaning services to landlords, agents and tenants as well and we have been found by previous clients to provide satisfactory services
  • We are fully insured against mishaps. We run a post tenancy cleaning business that is fully insured against things going wrong and will not hesitate to fix whatever might be wrong after our service to you.
  • Our move out cleaning team members are well trained, experienced  and efficient and can collect and drop off keys if that is what you would be convenient with. They are fast and reliable and are professionally trained.
  • Yes! We basically offer 2 types of carpet clean. ‘Basic’ carpet clean or ‘Professional’ carpet clean. 
  • The only difference is that basic carpet cleaning is cheap and quick surface clean of the carpets with the use of normal equipment. 
  • If you would like a thorough and deep carpet clean with special attention to stains and more, then the professional carpet clean is what you should go for.
  • This will ensure that your carpet is treated to a premium”experience”. 
  • Due to health hazards to members of our team of end of tenancy cleaners, we do not clean external windows. 
  • We basically only clean internal windows that are easily reached without the use of a ladder, this is to avoid accidents and to further ensure the safety of our team of end of tenancy cleaners.
  • We always try as hard as we can to find free parking space. But if per adventure we are unable to find a free space, then the customers will be required to cover the cost.
  • This is the only additional charge on top of your end of tenancy clean.  
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