End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hampton TW12

If you are coming to the end of your tenancy, you are most likely mindful of the duties that you have as a tenant, and the responsibility that you have to leave the property precisely as you discovered it from a cleanliness perspective. For all of your any end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 needs, please contact our professional cleaning services!


We are profoundly knowledgeable about delivering end of tenancy cleaning and move out cleaning to the most exemplary standards, ensuring that you don’t need to stress over a single thing. Our friendly, and solid group of professional, master cleaners will be there to assist you with your end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 and we are almost famous for providing the best tenancy cleaning services going!


There are various reasons why we give the best tenancy cleaning services. We not exclusively do tenancy cleaning and move out cleaning, yet we offer an entire spread of cleaning services to guarantee that all of your cleaning needs, no matter what they are, are satisfied.


You might be busy or preoccupied during the planned time for the clean which isn’t an issue for us. We can arrange both key collection and return at the most suitable time for you. This means that you don’t have to be at the property when our staff are doing the tenancy cleaning. This additional service means that we can assist you with your end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 regardless of what your schedule or availability is.


Our professional cleaning services includes this alternative so that all we need to do is to gather the keys from you or your estate agent, and afterward hand them back after we have finished the move out cleaning, enabling you to continue with your day as typical and forget about even having to clean your home.


Because of the way that we use our professional cleaning services master cleaners, you can be guaranteed that you will get your full deposit returned after your tenancy. This is, obviously, as a result of our tenancy cleaning services only, as we can’t ensure the deposit back if any damage to the property has occurred prior to our arrival.


If the property and furnishings are in a decent condition, nonetheless, by using our end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12, we can ensure the arrival of your deposit. In the unlikely occasion that you, or the estate agent are discontent with the final tenancy cleaning and move out cleaning, our tenancy cleaning services team will return to complete another re-clean, free of charge.


All of our professional cleaning services are approved by the local landlords and estate agents. This demonstrates to us, and all the more important you, that our move out cleaning and tenancy cleaning is of an especially exclusive expectation and that you can confide in us with your end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12.


Our tenancy cleaning services guarantee that each area of the property is cleaned professionally, leaving the property looking immaculate. The entirety of this is set towards ensuring the welcome return of your deposit. To define precisely what we mean by move out cleaning, we have given an example of the checklist that our cleaners use for move out cleaning.

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The End of Tenancy Cleaning/ Move Out Cleaning Checklist

If you have any bespoke requests, get in contact to talk about our professional cleaning services for your end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12.


  • Check walls for scratches and scuffs, clean and paint where necessary


  • Ensure that all doors and their handles are clean from top to bottom
  • Ensure that the door locks are operative


  • Clean all the windows from inside and outside. However, you may require the help of a specialized and experienced window cleaner to clean the external windows
  • Clean the sills and ledges of the window. If required, then polish as well
  • Wash all the window parts thoroughly

Sockets and light fittings

  • Clean all plugs, sockets, switches, light fittings, and lampshades
  • Ensure that all the socket covers are thoroughly cleaned


  • Thoroughly vacuum and clean all the carpets and rugs
  • Use carpet cleaning products to remove the stains and spots of coffee, tea, juices, etc.


  • Thoroughly dust all the wooden furniture present in the bedrooms
  • Clean the cupboards and wardrobes from inside and outside
  • Ensure that the top of cupboards and wardrobes are clean
  • Remove cobwebs from the cupboards and wardrobes
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Clean the radiators
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Clean the area under and behind the bed


  • Dust and clean all the cabinets, cupboards, and drawers of the kitchen
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer from inside and outside
  • Thoroughly clean the microwave
  • Remove the limescale from the dishwasher and wash it
  • Clean and remove all the grease and food stains from the grill
  • Clean and remove the grease from the extractor fan
  • Remove grease from the cooking area and walls of the kitchen
  • Thoroughly clean all the electronic appliances and other tools present in the kitchen such as toaster, kettle, blender, etc.
  • Clean the counter tops
  • Eradicate the limescale and mould from the kitchen sink and taps
  • Clean and wash all windows
  • Clean the floor


  • Remove limescale and mould and thoroughly clean the bathroom sinks
  • Wipeout and wash the tiles of the bathroom
  • Clean and wash the bath
  • Clean and wash the toilet
  • Deep clean the showerhead and grouting

You may have some additional questions relating to our professional cleaning services, tenancy cleaning services, move out cleaning and tenancy cleaning. To help you with these queries that you may want answered about end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 we have provided some FAQs for you.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking

We want to give the property the best send-off for you

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking

If you are looking for the best end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 then you have found the right people so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our professional cleaning services teams are ready to help and to ensure the return of your tenancy deposit!

If there are any issues discovered on the handover inspection, we offer free re-cleans if required.

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning services, there are often specific requirements that either your landlord or estate agents require. Our professional cleaning services teams will strive to meet these requirements, cleaning the property from top to bottom, and leaving you with outstanding results. We tailor our move out cleaning and tenancy cleaning services to every one of your needs, at a highly competitive price.

We have so much pride in our services we offer a Deposit Back Guarantee

We are also one of the few providers of end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12 to have so much faith, and pride, in our tenancy cleaning services that we offer a deposit back guarantee. Put simply we guarantee that you will receive one hundred percent of your cleaning deposit returned to you once we have finished.

 As you are no doubt aware this can be a significant amount so knowing that you will have this returned can be a huge weight off your mind when finances are already stretched by the associated costs of moving. This is why we are estate agent approved and the experts at end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12, because we work so closely with them we know exactly what is required for move out cleaning and tailor our tenancy cleaning services accordingly.

We use our checklist, which has been approved by estate agents to make sure that we meet your landlords’ strict requirements and plan our tenancy cleaning services around these. Our professional cleaning services teams will not leave until every one of these tasks has been completed, this is why we are the first choice when looking for move out cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12. This means that our tenancy cleaning services are always executed to the highest standards, guaranteeing that you will receive your deposit. If using our tenancy cleaning services and our professional cleaning services, you are also setting an excellent starting standard for your future tenants.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Woking


Anything that is flagged by your landlord or new tenants; we will come back to address until satisfied, ensuring your full deposits back and happy new tenants.


Because sometimes your new home just isn’t Home without it. Relax and unwind while we make your new home, Home.


On top of the end of tenancy cleaning, you can also book home removal services at our company. We are always available on short notice at any time. Click to learn more...


If after engaging our tenancy cleaning services, your landlord is not happy with the cleanliness of the property, we will come back in the next 72 hours to reclean your property free of charge. With our professional cleaning services, you will never have to worry about losing your tenancy deposit due to uncleanliness. This is why we are the best choice for end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12.

No, we offer a key collection service, where we take the key from the estate agents and drop it back with them at the end of the clean.

This is dependent on the size and condition of the property. We work as many hours as are needed to complete our tenancy cleaning, as you would expect from a professional cleaning services company, and leave your property in the most presentable state.

We will bring our own end of tenancy cleaning equipment and solutions to allow us to thoroughly clean the property from head to toe. We use industrial strength equipment to ensure a deep and effective final cleaning service, renowned as the best move out cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning in Hampton TW12.

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