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Domestic cleaning services

You love maintaining your house, clean it regularly,
from mopping to wiping, from Garden to Bedroom, From Dish Washers to Ceilings,
But honestly, that doesn’t mean your whole house is clean. Domestic Cleaning is
an activity of daily cleaning at home to maintain it. But despite your regular
cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming, not everything in your house is within your
reach and hence, not cleaned.


There are many forgotten areas which may need your
urgent attention. In case you are sure that everything is all up to the mark
and you don’t need a Deep Clean Service, Ask these questions to yourself –

When was the last time you cleaned your Microwave?

Your bathroom sink is draining the water without any

Is your carpet still of the same original colour?

Your bathroom taps, showers, and other fixtures, are
they still shining?

Are all ceiling fans clean?

When was the last time you moved your Sofa, fridge and
other heavy items and cleaned the surface?

There is a lengthy list and you might feel
uncomfortable or uneasy once you start preparing the list ?

But don’t worry, there is a solution for everything
today and we will uncover everything you need to knowregarding a Professional Domestic Cleaning Service?

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domestic cleaning services Offered by Domestic Cleaners and Checklist

Today almost anything and everything related to
cleaning are offered by Domestic cleaners. You are worry-free for your
cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep related tasks and can simply outsource it.

You may have your domestic cleaning services priorities as well upon which you
would like to focus more and may exclude other less relevant cleaning tasks.
That is however completely a decision of yours based on requirements and

For this, we would like you to be aware of the
domestic cleaning services offered and a simple checklist you can easily create for yourself.


  • Dusting of Surface, Windows and Blinds, etc
  • Proper cleaning and dusting of Doors and Cabinets
  • Surface disinfection and cleaning
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Toilets
  • Vacuuming and Mopping
  • Taps cleaning and shining


  • Dusting of Surface, Windows and Blinds, etc
  • Dusting of furniture.
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Vacuuming and Mopping of Non-Carpet Areas
  • Cleaning and dusting of Doors, Locks Panel.
  • Shining of Furniture and other Wooden / Metal items.
  • Empty Trash
  • Make Bed and Bedsheet change


  • Dusting of Refrigerator top
  • Cleaning and shining of Sink
  • Dusting and Cleaning ofKitchen Slab or Table
  • Inside and Outside Cleaning of Microwave,
    Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Food Processors etc.
  • Vacuuming the corners
  • Floor Mopping
  • Dusting of baseboards, Cabinets and all Doors,
    Windows, etc
  • Dusting of Blinds etc.
  • Cleaning and dusting of surface

General Cleaning of Other Areas of House

  • Dusting of all photo frames and paintings etc
  • Hand Wipe all furniture
  • Dusting of all electrical items including Lamp shades.
  • Mirror cleaning and shining.
  • Cob Web removal
  • Vacuuming of all corners and dry areas
  • Cleaning of Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers etc

Should you hire a professional domestic cleaning services?

While it is always good to maintain the daily
cleanliness in your house yourself and ensure that it is the safest place to
live for you and your family, Still you should not ignore the need for a professional domestic cleaning service

They can easily reason every corner of your house with
the range of tools and equipment they have. Their experience helps you a lot in
sprucing up of your house efficiently without any efforts

Even if you don’t use the services daily or weekly,
still you might consider a monthly or a season cleaning through professionals
to bring it back to its regular shape.

You have a House Keeper, do you still need domestic cleaning services?

Without any doubt, yes, you still need a domestic
cleaning service. Both of them might sound the same and people often use them
interchangeably but they are wrong here.

While both the domestic cleaning services are somewhat related to
maintenance and upkeep of the house, but still there is a huge difference in the quality and level of cleaning.

Housekeeping is more like Jack of all trades. A housekeeper
does almost every task in the house while staying there. From preparing your
meals to ironing of clothes, a Housekeeper has to do almost every task there in
the house.

Cleaning related tasks are just one of them, Most of all, they have access to only those
tools and equipment which are there in the house and that just might not

A Housekeeper can certainly help you with light
cleaning or dusting, but it cannot be a professional
deep cleaning.

On the other hand, A Professional Deep Cleaning
helps you with a next-level thorough cleaning. Be it
your appliances like Oven, Refrigerator or Dishwasher, from top to inside out
or Scrubbing of your bathroom and toilet hardware, fixtures and lighting.

House Cleaning service offers your quick, reliable and
efficient results with the help of their expertise along with tools and

In simple terms, your housekeeper can help you in
organising things well and assist you in all your everyday tasks. But for the top
to bottom and inside out deep cleaning service, there is a separate class,
called Domestic cleaners.

Individual Cleaner V/s Professional Domestic Cleaning

Now when you have made up your mind to get your house
deep cleaned by availing the Domestic cleaning services, still you need to
figure out which one is the best for you amongst the two – Individual cleaner or a Cleaning company?

Many individuals work as a freelancer or own a small shop to provide house cleaning
services. While they may offer you more services for a lesser cost, still, you
do not have any escalation matrix there. Also, they hardly accept the payments
through account transfer. You need to check although, but in most of the cases
they don’t have even license and reliable equipment.

Professional Cleaning companies, on the other hand, give you proper documented
quotations, well-defined terms of services and you can always reach out to them
in case you are not satisfied with the offered services. They have enough staff
with them; hence, they can complete your task quickly. In case the regular
staffs are not available, your service won’t stop. Someone else will be there
on the job.

Ask the Right Question from the Company before
finalising it –

All we know are that no one else can do the job as
efficiently as the professional cleaning companies can. But not every company
is the same obviously and we need to be careful before finalising the one for

You should now some key questions to be asked before
you award the contract to someone. Here are some of them – 

What is your process related to a background check of
your employees?

This question is important as you don’t want just
anyone to enter your house. A cleaning company is responsible to provide the
details when asked for. Also, you can request them to send the same staff in
the future as well.

How do you fix your rates for the service?

Every company can have its own parameters of pricing.
It can be on an hourly basis or according to the number of employees they have
sent. Also depending upon the material required, they may charge you extra.

You need to ask in detail about their methodology of
pricing to avoid any confusion later on.

Worker’s compensation and Insurance?

Ensure as a client, you are not liable for any injuries
or any third party claims what so ever. To ensure that, check if these risks
are covered by them already or not.

Inclusions and exclusion in service, rather complete
Terms of service?

Get a list of service inclusions and exclusion etc in advance.
This will also help you in negotiating the rates well.

Any website, Any reference, Years in Business?

These simple questions will get you all the details
related to their credibility. Any known reference will help you check his
experience with this vendor. The website has a lot to say about what you do and
how you do it. Similarly, years of business shows your experience. These
questions are important to consider before you make up your mind.

How do you fix your rates for the service?

Every company can have its own parameters of pricing.
It can be on hourly

Do you have any satisfaction guarantee?

This is the most important question to be asked. Your
entire purpose will get defeated if the job is not as per your satisfaction.
Check if there is any escalation matrix in case you want to escalate any damage
etc. Asking for satisfaction guarantee always gives you peace of mind.

How much do they charge?

Pricing of the company depends upon the area of your
property, number of rooms, condition and finally any additional services you
are looking for.

However, on average, the price ranges from £15 to £30
per hour.

Also, many companies charge a bit higher for the first
time but can reduce the price for repeat customers on subsequent visits. This
is because they have a better idea of the time required for next time and also
the condition is not as worst as it is for the first time ?

In case you prefer any particular material to be used
for cleaning or any customised solution you are looking for, expect to pay
slightly more.

Final Word on domestic cleaning

We hope you have liked the detailed article above
mentioning why you need a professional service to clean your house together
with the checklists, pricing and what questions you should keep in mind before
finalising the best one for you.

Without any doubts, to maintain your property in new
like condition, you always should hire a professional company for the same.
While you and your housekeeper maintain it well, still multiple areas are yet
to be touched and need professionals.

You can decide if an individual house cleaner is ok
for you or a professional company, basis the type of work and guarantee you are
expecting. Details we have already covered above.

Pricing you should negotiate considering there exclusion
and inclusion by carefully reading out their terms of service. Ask questions suggested by us to avoid any
last-minute surprises.

Happy Cleaning 🙂

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