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Benefits of Annual Pressure Washing Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to looking at your outdoor space, there are lots of things to take into account to make sure it looks at its best. From the plants in the garden to your patio or decking areas, making sure everything is perfect helps to keep your garden as presentable as possible.

Plants are easy to trim back and water, the grass is easy to cut, but how do you get through the tough stains and marks on your patios? That’s where pressure washing comes in. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure jet of water that’s designed to blast away any marks on your outdoor space. This removes any dirt that’s naturally built up over time and leaves your outdoor spaces with the fresh look.

Pressure washing can transform the way the outside of your home looks. As dirt builds up slowly over time, you often don’t notice the change as it’s happening. It’s only when you look at old photos or start pressure washing that you’ll see the difference in the colour from now and then. People are often surprised at how faded their outdoor spaces are, without realising how easy it can be to clean!

In this article, we’ll talk about lots of benefits of pressure washing your outdoor spaces, as well as lots of useful information for you to learn about pressure washing. To help you find the information that you’re after, we’ve included a table of contents below for you.


Outdoor Areas to Pressure Wash
Benefits of Pressure Washing
How to Pressure Wash Your Outside Areas
The Tools You’ll Need
Getting Started
Pressure Washing
How Often to Pressure Wash
Things to be Careful of When Pressure Washing
Alternatives to Pressure Washing

Outdoor Areas to Pressure Wash

When it comes to pressure washing the outside of your home, you may be puzzled at areas that you can pressure wash. To help you understand what we mean when we refer to outdoor areas, we’ve included a handy list detailing the areas that you could clean via pressure washing. See below!

Patios – Patios are a fantastic place to start when it comes to pressure washing the outside spaces in your home. As they’re often made of stone or slabs, they’re very durable and should have no problems when it comes to the high pressures of a pressure washer.

Decking – Decking is another area that is commonly used for enjoying the outside space. Over time, dirt falls with the rain and it sets a fade on your decking which is commonly unnoticed if you see the decking daily. With pressure washing, this helps to blast away the years of built-up dirt and grime to leave your decking looking like new. You’ll be surprised by the different colour!

Paths – If you have any outdoor paths, these great for pressure washing. With the foot traffic over them, this then builds up the dirt and it’s hard to see it building up. However, pressure washing is designed to remove that built up layer of grime and leave your paths looking like the day they were first installed.

Outdoor Walls – Outdoor walls on your property are just as likely to build up dirt and grime as are flat surfaces. However, pressure washing can also remove these marks just as easily! Brickwork, cladding and render are all able to be pressure washed, as long as you take care when you do it.

Fencing – Fencing is something that people often don’t realise you can clean, and therefore any marks such as stains or bird muck are left until the rain gets rid of them. Pressure washing is another way of getting these clean and can be used to remove those unsightly marks.

Driveways – If you have a concrete or paved patio, pressure washing is perfect to help you get it cleaned. Cars can leave droplets of oil which can cause stains on the floor, something which pressure washing can help to remove. Your driveway will look almost like new once you’re done!

With lots of different surfaces to tackle and pressure wash, the possibilities are endless. You’ll be surprised just how different a quick pressure wash can be for your surfaces to get them looking like new again. If that’s not enough show you the benefits of pressure washing, let’s get into the actual benefits of pressure washing!

Benefits of Pressure Washing

There are many different benefits of pressure washing for your outside areas. Although they aren’t all obvious, there are plenty to help you make the right decision about keeping your outdoor spaces looking their best. Take a look below!

It Makes Your Outside Space Look Like New – This one may seem obvious, but it’s incredible the difference in the results that a simple pressure wash can make for your outdoor spaces. Especially in places that involve people walking, these areas will quickly start to fade from their original colour. Although this isn’t noticeable naturally, the difference once you’ve finished pressure washing is staggering.

It Keeps Your Footpaths Safer – If you’ve got footpaths that people walk on often, the rain and moisture can sometimes start to create algae or moss. These are not only unsightly but actually make the path slippery for the person using those and could pose a falling risk. Pressure washing helps to remove these hazards for you, helping to keep you and others safe.

It Makes for a Safer Environment – If you’re in an outdoor area with others, there’s the risk of allergies and of germs being spread around. Pressure washing is designed to blast the surfaces and leaves little chance for any microscopic germs, bacteria, pollen, dust and more from staying on the surface.

It Helps to Highlight Areas for Repairs – If your outdoor space has a small crack somewhere, this can easily be hidden away by dirt and grime. With regular pressure washing, there’s no dirt to block your vision and allow you to easily see the smallest of cracks to outline any repair job required.

There Are Minimal/No Chemicals Involved – Due to the sheer power of a pressure washer, there are minimal chemicals required and often none are used. The jet of water comes out at a high pressure which is designed to dig into the dirt and remove it from the surface, meaning there is no need for any cleaning chemicals to get the job done.

Better for the Environment – Without the use of chemicals, there is only water being used and that’s great for the environment. It means there are no waste products or anything of the sort, and if you’re in the garden you’ll be watering the plants from the spray of mist. Both your surfaces and your plants will be happy!  

It’s a Quick Way to Clean – Pressure washing requires minimal set up to begin with and requires little time to get the job done. The high pressure of the jet is enough to clean your outdoor spaces without having to prepare them beforehand and as it uses a high-pressure jet of water, it doesn’t take long to remove any dirt or grime.

It Improves the Look of Your Home Quickly – If you’re looking to sell your home then there’s no better way to do this than improving the look of your home. A quick way to make the first impression even better is to get the outside areas of your home clean, allowing your viewers to instantly notice the nice look of your home.

Increase Property Value – When you pressure wash your home and the outdoor area, you’ll leave the home in a better condition. When a home has been well looked after by the owner the asking price is usually higher as there is minimal work involved to get the property looking nice.

There are many other benefits to pressure washing your home, we’ve just included some of the main ones. However, there are many out there for you to see or better yet, experience!

How to Pressure Wash Your Outside Areas

Now you know all about the benefits of pressure washing, it’s time to learn about the way to get the job done. We’re sure you’re excited to get started so let us make sure you’re prepared and ready! We’ll cover all of the necessary information to allow you to effectively pressure wash your outside areas, however, please make sure you follow the instructions of the pressure washer for health and safety purposes.

Let’s get started!

The Tools You’ll Need

To pressure wash your home, you’ll need very few tools to get started. See below:

– Pressure washer

– Hose connector

– Ladders (if required)

And that’s it! Pressure washing offers minimal set up to get the job done, making it a popular choice for many when it comes to their cleaning. Acquiring a pressure washer isn’t cheap, however, there are ways to get your hands on one for an affordable price.

Many companies offer rental pressure washers. This allows you to rent them out for a small daily fee, allowing you to get the cleaning results that you’re after without having to pay full price for a pressure washer. Not only is pressure washing quick and easy, but it can be cheap too!

Getting Started

Before you get started it’s important to make sure you’ve got the pressure washer set to the right setting. It’s crucial to make sure you’ve read the instructions for the pressure washer and that you’ve got it set up correctly as the high power can cause damage if you’re not careful, so this needs to be the first and foremost step.

Once your pressure washer is set up and ready to go, make sure you’ve got enough slack in the hose so the water isn’t restrained. This ensures that the pressure washer won’t struggle to pull water through and you’ll get a consistent stream of water.

Once you’re ready to go, make sure you’re stood in a position where you’re very sturdy. The high power of a pressure washer may catch you off guard, so make sure you’re ready and leant over the jet to prevent any kickback.

Pressure Washing

Once you’re prepared and ready to start pressure washing, start at one end of your outdoor space and work in lines to ensure a consistent clean from start to finish. We advise to start from one corner and pressure wash along that edge, and then another line next to that one, and then another line next to that one. This helps to make sure that you get the most consistent clean throughout the process, giving you the best results possible.

Whilst you’re pressure washing, it’s important to make sure you’re moving at a consistent speed. If you’re moving slower on certain sections, they’re taking more of the jet which can mean an inconsistent clean or even damage, so always be careful.

Once you’ve got to the end of that section, simply turn the pressure washer off and use a bucket of water or the hose to pour water over the area that you’ve just cleaned. This helps to wash away any bits of dirt that have been dislodged by the pressure washer and leave a consistent clean all round.

And that’s it! Pressure washing is commonly used for its easy approach and versatility. You can pressure wash lots of areas, including your:

– Patio

– Decking

– Driveway

– Paths

– Car

That’s right, pressure washing can even be used to clean your car. With so many areas to clean, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

How Often to Pressure Wash

When it comes to pressure washing, the high powered jet can remove built-up dirt that typically isn’t easy to remove. Because of the high power, you usually only need to pressure wash your outdoor areas once a year at most to ensure you don’t risk causing any damages. Any longer and dirt can sometimes start to cause staining, which is even harder to remove.

Some people do their pressure washing on an Adhoc basis when the dirt is noticeable. This is great for getting rid of any stains or things of such nature, but it can leave the risk of naturally built up sitting for a prolonged duration and potentially causing staining.

Based on this, we recommend an annual pressure wash clean for your outdoor spaces. This helps to ensure that you do not pressure wash too often to pose risks, but also that it’s not being left for too long to start staining.

The correct length of time between pressure washing can vary based on the surface, so it’s important to double-check before committing to any timescales.

Things to be Careful of When Pressure Washing

Although pressure washing sounds like a fantastic approach to cleaning your home, there are a couple of things you need to be careful of to make sure you’re getting the best results and not causing any damage. We’ve included some of these in the above section, but to be crystal clear we’ve included some of the main things to be wary about when pressure washing in here.

Always Read the Instructions – Pressure washers come with a lot of power. Although this is great for blasting away dirt, the temptation to put it on max power could blast away more than just the dirt on your outdoor spaces. Any paint could be stripped away and if you’re pressure washing decking, you could well find yourself with damaged wooden planks. Always make sure you read the instructions before you get started to keep yourself and your outdoor spaces safe.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment – Before you get started, make sure you’ve got the right equipment for the job. Is your pressure washer the right power, or is it an industrial one designed to strip paint? It’s always best to check before you get started as once you get to work, there’s no going back!

Ensure There is Sufficient Slack in the Hose – Before you turn the pressure washer on, make sure you’ve got plenty of slack in the hose to allow for a consistent flow of water. This helps you to get the best quality clean as well as removing any risks of damaging the pressure washer. If the pressure washer is struggling for water, it may cause damage which can be costly to repair. Ensuring a consistent flow of water is a much easier option.

Make Sure You’re Stood Rigid – Pressure washers are known for their high amounts of power, which means as the jet of water is shooting out of one end, the handle is being pushed backwards. Make sure you’re stood in a position where you’re prepared for the kickback and that it won’t catch you off guard, allowing you to consistently remain in control of the pressure washer.

Keep a Consistent Speed – Make sure that as you’re cleaning your outdoor space at a consistent rate. If you’re quick over one section and slow over the next, one section has had more ‘jet’ time and can look cleaner than the other section. By keeping a consistent rate of cleaning, you’ll get a consistent clean all round.

Make Sure Your Surface is Suitable to Pressure Washing – Some outdoor areas are perfectly suited to pressure washing. Driveways, patios and pathways are typically made out of concrete or slabs which are known for being extremely rigid, allowing you to safely pressure wash without any concerns. However, other areas such as decking, are much softer materials and can take damage. It’s crucial to make sure the area you are pressure washing is suited to the high pressure.

If you’re ever unsure, don’t risk it. It’s much easier to get on your hands and knees than scrub than it is to try and repair or replace the damaged area!

Alternatives to Pressure Washing

Pressure washing allows you to get the best out of your outdoor spaces to help them look like new. However, this doesn’t mean it’s always the best method of cleaning to go for. We’ve included some alternatives to help you make the right decision for you.

Soft Washing – Soft washing uses a lower power of water at a much higher temperature with especially combined chemicals that are designed to take away the dirt, rather than blast it. This helps for a consistent clean without the high power of a pressure washer, being much easier for most to handle. However, this does require more of a set up as you’ll need a specialist soft washing piece of kit and the right chemicals before you get started.

Scrubbing – A tried and tested method over thousands of years, getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing can also help to get your outdoor spaces clean. It won’t bring the same results as pressure washing, but it’s definitely a trustworthy and reliable method of cleaning. It does take a lot longer, however, and take a lot of effort to get this complete.

Chemicals – There are many different chemicals out there that are designed to sit on your outdoor areas and get to work on the dirt. These then require rinsing off, removing the dirt as they go. As great as this sounds, the risk is that these chemicals are damaging your outdoor surfaces which can leave undoable damage if not used properly.


There’s a lot of different benefits that you can expect from pressure washing your outdoor spaces, and it proves to be a very rewarding venture if done correctly. However, you do need to be very careful when doing so.

If you’re not comfortable with pressure washing yourself, but you’d like to experience the benefits, why not hire someone to help with the job? There are many professionals with the skills and expertise to be able to safely pressure wash your outdoor areas without risk of damage. On your side, it’s an effortless solution!

We hope you’ve found the above useful. Enjoy your outdoor areas and take care when pressure washing!


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