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Basics of Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning can be defined as the process of using several basic techniques
to effectively and efficiently clean a home to achieve proper hygiene. Creating
a good looking and friendly environment is what almost every home owner wants.
A proper way to create a clean environment is by considering finding local Home Deep
Cleaning Services. Deep cleaning activities involve kitchen and bathroom cleaning, tiles
and floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofas and mattress cleaning, etc.

cleaning is also often regarded as seasonal cleaning because it is a home
routine activity that changes with season. Engaging your home in a effective
deep cleaning routine would go a long way to keep your home clean and
refreshing. As a home owner, you must consider deep cleaning your entire home
at least once every three months.

Benefits of Home Deep Cleaning

the effort and time required for house deep cleaning, its benefits can never be
underestimated. There are numerous benefits associated with it which include:

1. Creates a Friendly Environment

most effective way to achieve a refreshing and shining home environment is by
deep cleaning. When appropriate techniques are effectively used for home deep
cleaning, you can expect a much better environment with free flow of fresher
and quality air.

2. Eliminates Virus and Bacteria

environments are known for the carriage of viruses and bacteria which are
harmful to human health. Regular home cleaning might not get rid of viruses and
bacteria like deep cleaning would. A proper way to prevent diseases and
infections that viruses and bacteria can cause is by considering routine deep

3. Fewer Home Repairs and Replacement 

A deep cleaning helps to keep every part of a home in good condition. When your home appliances are in good shape, you’ll spend less money on repairs or replacement. A better way to avoid unnecessary home repairs cost is keeping everything in the home intact and clean at all times.

4. Eliminates Mould

growths are very common in dirty environments. However, it is possible you
experience mould growth in homes often treated to just regular cleaning. In
deep cleaning, all you have in your home would be removed to give room for
proper cleaning. Mould and algae would be easily detected and gotten rid of.

5. Increases Home Hospitality 

homes are known for their high level of hospitality. People naturally find it
comfortable to stay in a clean and healthy environment. Besides, a clean home
would help reflect who you are to your visitors. To get a good impression among
your peers, deep cleaning would keep your home shining and refreshing at all

Home Deep Cleaning Tips – Ways to
Deep Clean Your Home

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you as a homeowner effectively deep clean several sections of your home:

Living Room

1. Clean your
window blinds or curtains

Get a thick clothe with a bowl of vinegar and water mixed together. Soak
this in the solution and use it on your windows.

2. Clean your
electrical appliances

Mix little detergent in water and dampen your high quality microfibers
towel with it. Clean your electrical appliances with the dampened towel.

3. Remove
Spider webs from ceiling

Get rid of accumulated spider webs in the top corners of your living
room with a long broom. You can also use a long brush to sweep away every trace
of spider webs.

4. Dust off
your couches thoroughly

Remove dust from your couches by using a soft brush to wipe stained
areas. If there are areas with deep stains, use mixture of a cleaning product
and water to scrub the areas.

Dust off your fan blades                                                                                                                

Remove dust from your fan blades with a dry microfibers towel. Also, you
can dampen the towel with water to further clear the fan blades surface.


6. Thoroughly
scrub the floor and wall tiles

Wash the floor and wall tiles in your bathroom with a scrubbing brush
using a mixture of vinegar and water as the washing solution. 

7. Freshen

Get a microfiber duster to freshen your shower curtain. Dust off areas
with dirt, if it’s too dirty, consider washing the curtains.

8. Clean your
sink drain

Use a metallic scotch sponges to thoroughly wash every part of the sink.
Also, get a tooth brush and vinegar solution to wash off the mouth of the
faucet attached to your sink.

9. Use
vinegar to clean rim of toilet

After using a powerful liquid washer with a scrubbing brush to wash
every compartments of the water closet, also use a liquid solution of vinegar
to clean the inner rim of your toilet.

10. Remove
spider webs

Use long broom to get rid of accumulated spider webs in the top corners
of your bathroom. You can also use a long brush to sweep away every trace of
spider webs.


11. Clean
your sink drain

Wash your sink drain with sponge and a solution of water, detergent and
baking soda.

12. Scrub
your oven and microwave 

Use metallic scotch sponges to clean the inside of your oven and
microwave. Thereafter, use a fresh dish brush and soap to clean the exterior

13. Clean
your cooker

Dampen a thick washing sponge with soapy water. Scrub the dirty part of
your cooker with this foam.

14. Wash your

Add little portion of dish washer soap and vinegar into water. Scrub
every part of your dish washer with this solution. 

15. De-scale
your faucets

Use vinegar to de-scale the faucets of your kitchen sink by using a dish
brush to scrub the mouth of the faucets.  

16. Scrub
your kitchen floor and slab

Clean off your kitchen floor with a mop and use a microfiber towel for
your slab. Dampen both in a solution of water and soap prior to cleaning.

17. Remove
coffee stains from mugs

Use detergents or vinegar to get rid of coffee stains or other form of
stains on your mugs.


18. Clean
your window blinds

Get thick clothes with a mixture of vinegar and water. Fix the clothes
into your hand, and dampen it in the solution to clean off your window blinds.

19. Clean
your bedding and mattress

Clean your beddings with a dampen microfiber towel and brush off your
mattress to remove all form of dirt. If need be, you can also wash your
bedspread and pillow case.  

20. Dust off

Get a dry towel to dust off your lampshades. This would help remove all
accumulated dirt.

21. Clean
your furniture  

If you have drawers or cabinets in your bedroom, dust them off with a
dry towel. If need be, dampen the towel with soap solution to scrub the surface
of your furniture.  

22. Dust your
picture frames

Use a scrubbing brush or dry microfiber towel to remove dust from your
picture frame.


are numerous other deep cleaning activities that should be done at home to
achieve a clean, sparkling and healthy environment. Generally, it is a good
idea to hire professionals for your home deep cleaning service. It is more
beneficial to have home cleaning experts carry out deep cleaning for you.


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