Antiviral & Sanitisation Cleaning Services

As a cleaning company, we have a lot of experience in cleaning homes and office buildings. We have great experience in both antiviral cleaning and sanitising, helping to tackle any harmful bacteria and viruses that may lurk within these buildings, as well as help them to be as clean as possible. 

Antiviral Sanitisation Deep Cleaning

Through our antiviral & sanitisation cleaning experience, we know how to perform a deep clean to a high standard, which puts us at the forefront of the fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. With our sanitisation experience, expertise and our cleaning equipment, we can help to minimise and prevent the spread of infections.



• Breaking down outer membrane which in turn causes leaking of cell contents
• Neturalising other cell structures, DNA and proteins
• Stops energy production cell by cell
• Inhibites protein synthesis

Disinfects, descales and deoderises! Providing a deep clean!


We want to help.

We know how quickly and easily a virus can spread, and we have the knowledge and the antiviral sanitisation services to help combat them. Our sanitisation cleaning services are thoroughly defined to ensure that there is nothing missed whilst we conduct our cleaning, ensuring that your home or property is cleaned to the highest standard.

Our sanitisation cleaning team have the latest cleaning equipment and are fully trained to be able to perform an effective clean for your home or business. Best Cleaners Surrey sanitisation cleaning services will make sure that you get very high levels of cleanliness and are germ free once completed.

How Do Infections Work?

Harmful bacteria and infections often spread through respiratory droplets, such as through coughing and sneezing. Depending on the type of bacteria or virus, it can survive for up to several days outside of the body, which means if an ill person sneezes on a surface, the virus can live and be picked up by another person through contact of that same surface.

Our sanitisation & antiviral cleaning services work to clean and disinfectsurfaces with proven products to ensure these are clean and sanitised. These two terms are sometimes confused or interchanged incorrectly; cleaning is to remove waste which removes the majority of bacteria left on a surface, whereas sanitisation and disinfection kills off any traces of bacteria or viruses.

If a surface is just cleaned and not sanitised, there can be traces of bacteria or viruses left behind which means the surface could still cause an infection to another person. Our sanitisation cleaning methods are specially designed to clean and sanitise the surfaces, helping to prevent any traces of any harmful bacteria or viruses.

We have the knowledge and experience to fight bacteria and viruses.

It’s something we’ve been doing for a long time now. We’ve learnt about the different types of sanitisation and how to tackle any harmful bacteria or viruses. We offer two primary cleaning services as follows…

Covid 19 Virus
Antiviral Sanitisation Deep Cleaning

Commercial Antiviral Sanitising Services

Our process will eradicate any harmful germs. Best Cleaners Surrey will perform what is known as a ‘deep clean’, which means we’ll go a step above what a normal clean does and helps to tackle the microorganisms we will then add disinfection and sanitisationservices using proven anti-viral and biocidal cleaners.

We use specialist products which is both non-toxic and bleach-free, which means there’s no risk of harm to anybody in the property whilst we’re conducting the clean. We make sure that you experience minimal disruption to your day.

Our sanitisation service is available regularly or as a one-time thing. We understand that viruses can spread quite quickly.

Another reason that this service is useful is if you have a shared office, and a colleague has been confirmed with the virus. We’ll come to your company building and we’ll use the deep cleaning techniques that we use to thoroughly clean these areas. Should there be any traces of the virus within your company building, we’ll make sure it’s very difficult for it to survive.

Home Antiviral and Sanitisation Cleaning

We’ll be there to help sanitise and ensure that every part of your home is decontaminated, and any virus or harmful germs have no chance to live within it. With our specialist tools and expert knowledge, we know the best methods to fight any harmful bacteria and viruses and we’ll use those to ensure a deep clean and sanitisation of your home. We want to make this time as easy as possible for you and give you the peace of mind in knowing your home is safe. To prevent the risk of you contracting any viruses or harmful bacteria, dirt or grim affecting your health, you may wish to have your home regularly cleaned and we’re here to help you achieve this and we’ll work with your requirements. We’ll be there every day if it’s what you need. We want to help you. If you’re looking for someone to come and do a thorough clean every day, we’ll be there and make sure that we give your home or office that rigorous clean and sanitisation to help prevent any viruses or harmful bacteria from being able to live. We’re experts in cleaning. Our experiences in cleaning have helped us to become experts in home and commercial cleaning. We’ve invested the time to learn about the latest information and the latest equipment to help ensure that you get the best clean for your property. Through our experiences, we’ve learnt about the most common areas of a property that get touched and therefore are the most likely places to contain traces of bacteria from the hands. Some of these areas are light switches, door handles, keyboards and mice. Because we know what to look out for, we’ll be double and triple-checking these areas and working over them thoroughly to ensure they are cleaned and sanitised. If you’re unsure on what to clean or you’re concerned on what to do, let us help. Our cleaning team are friendly and helpful, and they’ll be happy to help share any information or answer any queries you may have.
office disinfection cleaning


The story of Coronavirus is continuing to unfold and we’re all continuing to keep a close eye on it. At current, there are no vaccines available and there is no way to 100% prevent catching the virus, there are only ways to keep yourself safe.

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe from any risk is by keeping the places you spend the most time as clean and germ-free as possible. Our cleaning services are designed with this in mind, and we use the leading cleaning equipment paired with our experience and expert knowledge to achieve this.

The equipment we use is some of the market-leading equipment and is perfectly suited to tackle any harmful bacteria or viruses within your home or commercial property. We use what are known as ‘virucidal’ cleaner. When we’re sanitising your property we only use sanitising solutions that are proven and certified to kill viruses, guaranteeing a strong fight against COVID-19.

As well as this, our team will use protective gear whenever conducting a clean of your property, ensuring that they are safe and do not pose a risk of bringing Coronavirus into your property whilst conducting a clean.

Due to the nature of our cleaning, the sanitising solution works immediately and tackles any harmful bacteria or viruses on the surface that’s being cleaned. Your property will be cleaned and sanitised fully as soon as our cleaners have completed their work, allowing your property to be safe.

We recommend a regular clean to your property to guarantee a much safer environment. Once our team have finished their cleaning the surfaces of your property can always pick up viruses and harmful bacteria, which can come from anywhere. If you live in an area with confirmed cases of Coronavirus, or yourself or a loved one has a confirmed case of the virus, then this will help and be a very effective way of preventing the virus from spreading further.

Yes, we only use cleaning chemicals that are safe for you and your home. Although very harmful to viruses, our chemicals are non-toxic and bleach-free to guarantee no risk to your furniture as well as yourself.

As part of our duty to help combat Coronavirus as well as other harmful bacteria and viruses, we want to offer these quotations for free. If you or a family member have been confirmed as having Coronavirus, or you’re worried and want to take preventative measures, we want to help make this as easy as possible and give you the information you need.

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